Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost skunked

It was billed as continental breakfast. but I am unfamiliar with this particular continent. Coffee was the only thing to drink. There were a variety of tiny pre-wrapped muffins and things which looked like they may at one time have been scones.

Last night when I went to Samy's Camera's web site, it said the SBA branch is closed Sundays. But a full page ad in the local weekly said they would be open at 11. GPS showed me a novel way to get there, so I shuffled off. A wrong turn put me in front of a huge Salvation Army hospice. Found Samy's at 10:50, the door was open so I went in. They were open but the staff was doing morning busy work, which they were eager to get out of. They did not have the rare Nikon lens which was my first choice, but they did have a nice Tamron, all Tanrons were tax-free for the wekend, and this came with  $100 rebate. Bought it and wore it home.

It was still cold and foggy, I figured I would need something sweat-shirt-like for the afternoon sailing. Took the overcrowded 25-cent trolley to 1 block shy of the waterfront. Both clothing stores had something, but the cheap one was pug ugly so I bought the regular price one.

Took some pix at the skateboard park, which is  now overrun with scooters and those obnoxious little bikes. I watched many adults with no skillz. And just as many scooter children likewize. There was one young girl on a skateboard who was practicing the same jump over and over again, usually doing fine until after the landing, when her board would go one way, and her, another.  I think she was the most talented one there.

Had lunch where I should have had dinner last night. Very fast and attentive service. Fish & chips had horrible cole slaw, scanty but delicious fish & okay fries. Great tartar sauce.

Back to the motel, arranged my stuff for the sail, had a lie-down (not a nap, just to recover from all the walking). Took 2 Bonine, and walked to the harbor. Got my boarding pass, and was buttonholed by the owner until the next couple arrived. He can talk a lot.

I had half an hour to kill, so I had a coke from one of the local holes in the wall, hit the restrooms in the maritime museum, and  went down to the boat.

Lovely 42-foot sailboat with mizzen, main and spinnaker. We left on time, and instead of sailing after we left the harbor, we went full throttle on the engine. That thing really moves.

About 2 hours to the turn-back point and we had not seen a single marine mammal. Okay, one seal.  Captain cut the engines, had the sails put up, but there was no wind. Somewhere in there the crewman saw something, capt. put the engine on very low, and we got to where there was a pair of whales, momma & child.  We maneuvered around them for maybe half an hour, and we did get some good views of Momma's head, but no breaching or flukes.

Heading back, again nothing except a seal. Very disappointing, that because they advertised hundreds of porpoises in the area. All in all, nice boat, nice crew, nice 4 other passengers, didn’t get wet, so mostly good.

From there to the Breakwater, which advertises ice cream as well as full meals. Service was slooooooow. Got the sourdough bowl with clam chowder slopped all over it, best chowder I've had here. I told the waitress I'd be having mint chip ice cream for dessert. I was there an hour when she brought the bill, but not the ice cream. Manager came at 7:30, said they were closing, and I told him I still haven't seen the ice cream which is on the bill. He had it brought out, but made me feel totally unwelcome. I double-checked their sign on the way out - they had 30 minutes before closing time. Asshole.

Shuffled back to the motel, after a 7-11 stop to get pop. would have liked to go out tonight, but nothing is open and there's no public transportation after 6 pm. Taxi might have been possible but I'm okay just chillin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check out the carriage museum across the street
Check out of the motel
Hang out at the coffee shop near Amtrak
1 pm train home.
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