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Too late to be journaling, but here I am

Because I have 2 days to catch up on

Work was busy, and very stressful. I had three projects going at once, and two of them were not working out very well. Lunch was at Mr. Chau's which is under new mismanagement. The old Chinese lady behind the counter says "pay first" before I tell her what I'm going to have. I tell her how many items + drink and she rings it up and I pay her and then ask how does she know what I'm having? She says again "pay first". I wave my receipt at her and said "I've paid first, now what?" 

I pick out my usual 2 items plus chicken salad, and sit down to eat. They are inedible. Even more inedible than usual. The sauces are stale, so is the meat. The salad is okay. I pack it up and leave after 5 minutes.

After work I decided to see The Avengers. I've already written about that.

At work and on my new Toshiba laptop I see clearly that my typing skills have seriously degraded. I sometimes type different words than the one in my head. I often hit two keys at once, hit the wrong key (usually an adjoining one, but sometimes one on the other side of the keyboard). Dyslexic typing has set in - sometimes I catch myself typing the letters of a word out of order. When this light dawns, I realize the ASUS Zenbook I sent back to Office Depot did not have a wonky keyboard, it had a wonkey keyboardist. OD was out of the model I wanted, so I ordered one via Amazon. it should be here Friday 5/18. I'll sell the slower, lower-resolution, smaller SSD driveToshiba Ultrabook on eBay, since it isn't on Amazon's trade-in list. That'll pay for half of the ASUS.

The day started off with one of my bugs being closed as "NoBug". The chief engineer said the feature worked as specified, but me and the engineer assigned to the case were unable to find that in the spec. I looked again, and found it. We didn't find it before because they changed the chapter title to something which was not the proper name or abbreviation for the feature.

A very complicated test suite which I had put off because it needed the help of someone in another department who is usually ultra-busy turned out to be a no brainer. I asked him if he could help, and he showed me he already had those tests running successfully for about a month.

Lunch break I went to a place called My Nails, pretty close to the apartment, and made an appointment for a manicure & haircut Saturday morning. The place in Mountain View I'd been going to has gotten to be a crap shoot on whether my favorite manicurist is available, even if I make an appointment, and it's not worth the drive to be told at 10 "come back at 2".

Then Sizzler for lunch.

Plans for Friday:
P/U Zenbook from apartment office
Lunch at home
Retrodome Game Show at 8
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