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Fast Forwarding The Olympics

Last night I caught up on a couple of days' worth of Olympics on TiVo, and spent far too much of the time in fast forward, and also too much time on "mute". There were three basic reasons I hit the FF:

  1. Way too many commercials.
    • Get a clue, NBC - charge more per minute and sell fewer minutes.
  2. Boring in-depth biographies of the athletes
    • How about putting those on CNBC, and leave the main channel for the actual sports?
  3. Instant replay overload
    • When you have TiVo, you don't need replays
    • They could fit twice as many competitors in the same time-delayed broadcast without the replays

I also fast-forwarded past events I was not interested in seeing, but I won't hold that against NBC - IMHO the more coverage, the better. This year the men's singles figure skating looked entirely too gay, especially the guy in the gold-on-black matador outfit. And there are only so many times I can watch men ski downhill before they all look alike to me.

The women's luge was pretty exciting, but the camera crew, board operator and director sucked lemons. They were often late changing cameras, and the cameras were often not pointed at the sled until after it was gone. It's a fast sport, but the men's luge coverage, which is a faster course, was excellent. I should also say that I was sorry to see so many women crash during this event, but was happy to see the quick emergency response, and even happier to see they were not badly injured. One woman who crashed -Natalia Yakushenko of the Ukraine - even managed to get back on her sled at 70 mph and finish the heat.

As for being on mute, it's my same complaint as football - the commentators just never shut up. A few words about the athlete and the standings are fine, but I really don't need those guys in my ear non-stop. It's TV, not radio, let the visuals carry the story.

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