Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moment of Zen

I needs me a computer demolition geek icon. To-do list.

UPS delivered the ASUS Zenbook just in time for me to go home, claim it from the office, bring it to the apartment and plug it into the charger. I don't like the power brick, it's about 2" square and hogs the outlet. Good thing I use an octopus power strip where I'll be setting this up.

ASUS has the slickest packaging. Very classy.

Had lunch with Domino till it was time to head back to work. I'll probably go home again after work, before heading for the retrodome. There should be a check in the mailbox from my broker to pay for this and a couple of other toys.

Depending on what time I get home after the game show show, I may do the Windows 7 transfer thing from the Toshiba to the ASUS. It ought to be pretty quick with two SSD drives. If not tonight, then tomorrow after manicure & haircut.

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