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I can always take a nap tomorrow afternoon

Busy day at work.  The CTO gave a presentation on a new device which has been on the wish list for at least 4 years, it was very thorough but easy to understand, and he did a masterful job of showing how the timing is now right to get the intro version on the market ASAP and then ease our way into the full blown dream machine.

Lunchtime I went to the apartment and picked up the new laptop, and shared turkey bologna and Kraft Singles with Domino. Two of the few things she will eat out of my hand.

Back at work, Something Went Wrong with the machine which lets us stream video clips. I have two tests waiting for that to get fixed. Received a new set of dates for two of my projects.

Home, set up the two laptops on one of my spare routers via ethernet cables, turned off wi-fi, and ran Windows Easy Transfer. Both machines are Windows 7, and it was very easy to start, but with about 350 MB transferred, it wanted the "old" computer's password.  I haven't used the password since I first got the machine, because it has a fingerprint reader. I tried all my usual passwords, but nothing. I canceled that part, and left it to grab the remaining 5GB while I took off for the RetroDome and The Game Show Show.

Nutshell: this is the same gang which destroyed You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown last year. A double-wide married couple, he is trained as an opera singer, she is more  of a ballroom dancer/musicals soprano. I thought I was going to see a series of TV game shows simulated on stage, but what I got was a 2-act 3-hour musical similar to the 1940's Radio Hour, mostly backstage soap opera set in a TV game show. It doesn't deserve a full review, so here's the mini:

Leading man has an opera-trained voice and has no idea how to relax and just sing. Leading lady was once a wonderful dancer, but that was 60 lbs. ago. All the people in the show except for The Woman Who Plays All The Small Parts were too old for the show. Audio was way too loud (everyone was wearing a face mike, and there were also hand-helds, stand mikes and desk mikes. Most of it sounded strident.

I almost walked out a couple of minutes into the second act, when the bastard of a leading man maneuvers his way back after a 5-year silence, puts the moves on the leading lady who has by this time taken his job, and she's all ga-ga for him.  they went all macho man sexist anti-career woman as their message. If I was the leading lady I'd have clocked the sponsor and stomped out.

The set was well done except for the wheel of fortune being too high for any contestant to reach. They did do three snippets of game show with audience members ;participating. The Match Game section was a hoot. They totally misused kevin_standlee's mike.

Lots of forgettable music, childish lyrics and most of them went on forever.

The cast was very energetic, and they could all nail all the numbers with one more week of rehearsal. And they could stand to cut four numbers and add another game, and pay more attention to when the applause sign should be tuned on.

Not worth the discounted subscriber price.

I was expecting the show to be over by 10:30, but it was 10:53 when I was out the door, and had just enough time to grab some enteric aspirin and dishwashing liquid from Target across the way which closes at 11.

Then some grocery shopping across the street.

Back home, the PC transfer was done, but it was not complete because of those files which needed the old computer's password. I did the trick on the old computer of adding another administrator account, with one of my more usual passwords, and using that to reset the "howeird" account password. But when I tried the transfer again, it still wanted the original password.

So I am running the system-to-factory-settings routine on the ASUS, will set its howeird account to the same password as the new one on the Toshiba, and try again. Let it run overnight.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am manicure & haircut
lunch at one of the restaurants near the nails place
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