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Intestinal Threetitude

It was a day fraught with intestinal discomfort. Was about to be 10 minutes early for my nails appt when I had to turn the car around and spend some quantity time on the throne. Got to the appt 10 minutes late,  had to wait half an hour, used their facilities too.

Not the best nail fill by the silent manicurist, but it'll do. Good haircut from the talkative stylist. Wanted to have lunch at the Amarin next door, but they are not open weekends. IHOP down the block, one more pit stop before waiting for a table.

Home, nap time (which was planned). Domino knew something was up, she went into sphinx position next to my head, and was still there when I woke up at 4.

Spent the rest of the day getting the ASUS up to speed. Windows Easy Transfer lies. It did not transfer my email settings. When I tried to run Outlook, it asked for the product key. I had no idea where that was - looked through my binders of program CDs/DVDs but no Office 2010. Nothing in my download folders either. Installed lots of other stuff, finally remembered that I had the DVD still in its retail box on the bookshelf. Loaded that - had to do a complete re-install - but will have to plug in all my accounts by hand. Boo Hiss.

Two pieces of bad news. The sign-in-with-your-face doesn't work if there is not sufficient light. The camera in this thing is not very light sensitive. And the big WTF is Wi-fi and Bluetooth cannot be used together. Pisses me off because I bought the bluetooth model so I could use a BT mouse. The Toshiba doesn't have this stupid hack. I don't like touchpads, you need three hands sometimes. With only 2 USB ports, and the super-thin architecture, it's pretty stupid to need an RF mouse dongle.

Plans for tomorrow:
play it by ear. The more I think about it, the less Maker Faire sounds like a good idea. I think I need quiet.


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