Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Night Wrap up

Boring day at work plugging into the test case database where in the engineering spec it says the product has to pass that test.

Lunchtime, went to UPS and shipped the ASUS back to Amazon and the Tivo back to Tivo. Lunch at Popeye's next door.

Home after work, took a look at my newly recorded shows on the Tivo box and it hung the same way the other one did. Ordered replacement wi-fi adapters online, since everythin else has been changed out.

Powered up the Toshiba, and of course it had more updates waiting. 3 of them. Then rebooted and there were 11 more. This morning I plugged in all the email accounts. Or was that last night?

Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal, we played most of what we're playing in the Sunday concert. My lip gave out about three tunes from the end. 8 months without practicing will do that.

One of the women tuba players gave me some cookies (she had mentioned them on FB). We have two women tuba players and two or three men.

Home, ate the cookies (yum!), tumbled the shirts in the dryer but did not have time to take them out and hang them up. Dinner was roti and bacon. Domino tried taking bacon out of my hand. I gave her some, but only little bits because she has accidents when she eats too much human food.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tumble & hang up the shirts
Maybe hang at Starbucks with the netbook. It needs updating too.

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