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It's after 3 pm and I haven't done much except sit in front of the PC at home. That's how it feels, although I did a lot of little things. Took out the garbage, which is usually a thing accomplished a little at a time, but today all the garbage cans were full - both bathrooms, the computer room, bedroom, kitchen and even the shredder. On average the shredder only gets full every 3-4 months. Have I mentioned how much I HATE the phrase "The perfect storm"? Because there is nothing perfect about destruction. And there are so many thousands of combinations of weather which can produce a killer storm. And because it just sounds wrong. So don't be telling me this was a perfect storm of garbage, because I'll cut you.

Every Saturday at 7 am the PC does a backup of the boot drive to a network attached drive. I use Windows Backup because it's free and mostly works. It was still running at 11 am, even though it should only take half an hour. The backup needs 240GB of space, the drive was down to its last 72GB. Stupid Windows Backup should have errored out, but it hung instead. I stopped it, cleaned up six of the previous 8 backups (which stupid Windows Backup ought to have done - it's set to only keep the last two), and started both a system and drive C backup.

Some of the problems I've been having with the car's in-dash system may be due to it having been loaded with the wrong firmware. Someone at the refurb place I bought it from jumped the gun and loaded 1.7 which is not supported on my system. I put 1.6 on an SD card and tried to install it from there, but reading the instructions, they want it on a USB drive, but the USB port is in the back of the unit, I can't get to it, except the iPod cable is plugged into it. After I finish this I'll walk over to Microcenter and see if they have a connector which can either split the iPod connector into iPod + USB or convert it (gender bender, basically) to USB. I would expect I'm not the only one who has needed such a cable.

There have been many more double-wide people passing by than usual. Must be three or four fan conventions in town. Baycon is about a mile away.

Not many people in this place, which seems odd. We're right next to AMC theaters, which had 3D and IMAX, and it's a bit chilly and windy for a BBQ. I would have expected more folks going to the movies. I guess not.

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