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Stop Me Before I Shop Again!

Slept in this morning - or at least tried to. Got out of bed at 9:30-ish. Spent some time at the PC bidding on eBay, listening to Thai CDs and ripping a few tracks. Got inspired to go through the closet and throw out all the size 18½ shirts which now look like tents on me, and discovered I only have about six shirts which fit, and two of those are Thai silk. And only one pair of non-jeans pants. So I went online looking for shirts (short sleeved 'cause I don't wear long sleeves) and didn't find anything at a reasonable price. But I didn't look very hard, since I figured on going to the Van Heusen store at the Great Maul.

Went to visit a friend in Sunnyvale, and afterwards realized I was only a few blocks from Valco, so stopped in at JC Penney and bought 4 pairs of pants (50% off) and and two shirts. They only had one small section of short sleeved shirts, and they were over-priced - $18 each on sale. Astounding - a year ago those same shirts were on sale for $12.

After a quick stop home for lunch, I hit the Great Mall. Didn't buy a thing. VH only had about four sets of short sleeved shirts, in colors like pink and lavender with yellow stripes. And their prices looked high, though some math showed me they weren't. $27 for long sleeved shirts in colors I like - 40% off that taken at the register. The "x" key on my cell phone calculator was not working, and neither was my brain, but on my way home I did the math in my head and came up with about $11 off, so $16 each sale price. But as I said, I don't wear long sleeves - at least not regularly.

Went to Izod, but they had no dress shirts. Tried Burlington Coat Factory, and was blown away by their thousands of shirts, all neatly bagged and stacked, but in no particular order. If they would invest in a labelmaker and a person to sort the shirts by size and short vs. long sleeves, they would more than make up for the cost. Nobody was even trying to find shirts in that section.

The good news is I walked around the mall twice, mostly at a brisk pace, which is quite a trick on a sale weekend, but I needed the exercise.

Came home at dinner time, and had the second turkey drumstick from last night's way-too-late dinner. Absolutely heavenly.
Howeird's Heavenly Turkey
Place two turkey drumsticks in a glass roasting pan
Slop on enough minced garlic to cover the drumsticks
Pour about half a cup of basil herb salad dressing over the drumsticks (in this case I used Safeway Select Tuscan Style)
Add about a cup of red wine, the cheaper the better
Cover with aluminum foil and shove into an oven pre-heated to 375°
Turn over the drumsticks every 20 minutes
For the last 10 minutes, uncover the pan, and flip the drumsticks after 5 minutes.
YMMV, but two large drumsticks (total weight 3 lbs) took 1:45 to cook.
Watched some recorded TV shows (History's Mysteries on the History Channel and History Detectives on PBS), then came upstairs to do some computer stuff:

  • Updated Quicken

  • Checked my eBay bids

  • Bought a replacement cell phone on eBay

  • Found the clearance short sleeved shirts on JCpenney.com and ordered 10 or 11.

  • Ordered a pair of 2006 quarter sets from USMint.com
    • (one for me and one is a gift I give every year to my baby sister)

  • Typed this

Plans for tomorrow are to do my taxes, which I had to put off until I was happy that the new PC was stable, and do some minor grocery shopping, and do something similar to the turkey, to a slab of beef which has been thawing in the fridge. Had been planning on making curry, but decided to take a break from Thai for a bit. Probably will go top Starbucks and people-watch while reading Dark Tower 7.


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