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Me Day

Looked at the logistics of taking public transport to Sacto & back. Getting there was no problem, but the Amtrak trains stop running to San Jose fairly early, it would have been 1 am before I was home if I left there at 8 pm.

Instead, I had a massage at a place which was having its grand opening. Zion Spa. Way out in east San Jose. It's in a tiny brand spanking new L-shaped shopping center which has signs up for most of the businesses, but at least two looked like they have failed before they even opened, and out of maybe 10 storefronts only three or four were occupied. It wasn't as much a massage as a body rub done by someone who watched the massage training videotapes. Nice middle-aged Vietnamese lady.

Somehow I thought this was near the latest San Jose Hooters, which my GPS could not find (no surprise, that Hooters is only a couple of months old). I headed in what I thought was the right direction, and managed to find the edge of SJ, and a fairly large Asian shopping center which was only missing a grocery store to be the complete set. Got out the cell phone, found Hooters on Google Maps, and punched the address into the GPS. It was clear across town, but on my way home.

As usual, very friendly staff, and since it was happy hour the boneless wings (aka chicken tenders) were $3 off. I prefer the ones with bones, but these were not bad. The onion rings look like they are coated with foam rubber but taste fine, if not very crunchy. Also had the chocolate mousse cake, which was a little dry but very chocolate. The cake wasn't dry, the mousse was. Excellent service, and I got to watch the Giants relief pitcher try his best to blow a 3-point lead at the top of the 9th. Zito had pitched a respectable 1-run, 7-hit eight innings up to that point. Some excellent fielding saved the day and SF won 4-2.

I always feel cheated when they don't play the full 9 innings. I figure if the home team is ahead at the bottom of the 9th, they should be allowed to try to add to the score. It's only fair.

Home, had to reboot the router to recover from Comcast being out, which also meant re-syncing the repeaters, rebooting all the webcams and re-setting the network radio's network setting. Or I thought it did - when I went into the bedroom half an hour later the radio was playing a Thai station, which means it had found the connection on its own.

Spent some time on FB responding to comments on last night's excellent show.

lemmozine will be happy to know I found a Howard The Duck #1 for $8 including shipping (I could have picked up a signed one for $24 + shipping) and a #33 without the printer's error for $1 less than that. With the printer's error, the bids were $89 and $140 each for two copies. The error is interesting and hard to miss once it's pointed out. Under the seal and info in the upper left they always put
page epic"
where xx is the number of pages. The error copies have the number 30, but are missing the "All-new" and "page epic".
Even if I was a collector, I don't think I'd pay that much.

Finally measured the patio for cat fencing. Looks like all I need are four pieces of the black version of those orange  plastic temporary fences they put up around road work. Like this.

No BASFA tonight. I figure attendance would be light, what with Baycon, Fanime, Clockwork Alchemy and a couple of obscure gamer cons.

Plans for tomorrow:
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