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Virtual Monday

I was up early and at work early. Boss was even earlier, something to do with his family all being in Thailand. I finished up a weekend test and was told to update to the next major release, which has some neat new GUI features.

Lunchtime was a trip to Kaluah Kennel in Sunnyvale, a Mom & Pop place which has been there forever, always gets stellar reviews, and is convenient to both my home and my vet. I like the setup, each cat has its own cage with an elevated carpeted perch, some clear floor space and a small but adequate litterbox. I had a nice chat, I liked the questions they asked, and showed them Domino on my web page and on the furcam, and explained the recent Pumpkin tragedy. Very nice people, excellent price, so I booked Domino a room. They take the cats out back for exercise individually because as a group would be like herding cats. :-)

After work there was shopping. Home Despot did not have the 4' tall fencing which was on the web site, but they had 3' which will take care of 80% of the project. And a heavy duty pair of scissors with which to cut it. The French Store had the body wash, multivitamins and paper bowls I wanted, all on sale, and whipped cream, which wasn't.

Home, noted lots of "likes" on the photos of Mom I posted (today would have been her 89th birthday), but the only one on the posting of birthdays was from my sister.

Friends of Thailand sent a couple of messages about the events. They expect us to wear suits and ties for a couple of those. In Bangkok during flood season. I don't think so. I also took a closer look at the "con" hotel, and it is on the wrong side of the river, and an old relic. I'll probably switch to something more central. Easier to go there for the three dinner events than be based there.

Dinner was corned beef & veggies. Funny story, Monday  morning I put the corned beef in a crock pot and set it for 8 hours. Early evening I'd completely forgotten about it, and was wondering what the delicious smell was. I figured the new neighbors were cooking. Went into the kitchen for some water and saw the crock pot go from cook to warming.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe put up some of the cat fence. Maybe hang at Starbucks.
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