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well, that was amusing

I'm at one of the late closing eye candy Starbucks, because I thought it was Thursday and after my prescription dinner of Gatorade and saltines I went to Santa Clara Players' theater hoping to see The Nerd. But it is not Thursday and they have no performance on Wednesdays. So I switched from Plan A for Thursday to Plan A for Wednesday. Piece 'o' cake.

Early to work this morning for a 9 am go-to-meeting training session on a new automation software application the company is thinking of buying for QA. The software is made in Austria, and the instructor was calling from there during his evening. It was supposed to be 2 hours, but people kept interrupting with questions which I was sure would be answered later in the presentation, and they kept asking questions for half an hour after. There's another session next week, and all those questions were on the agenda for then.

I was puzzled by the instructor's accent. Last time I looked, there was no "W" sound in German, as a W is pronounced as a V and a V is pronounced as an F. But this guy pronounced all his V's as W's. Wisual Basic. Wersion. He had a lot of other mispronunciations, but they were all consistent with a German accent. I'm guessing his native language may be Czech or maybe from one of the other surrounding Slavic languages.

For lunch automation guy and I went to Barn Thai on Duane, which ought to be spelled Baan Thai, which means Thai House. Good food, fast service.There was a line when we got there at 1:10, but we were the last ones left at 2:00.

Back at work, closed an "issue" - we log feature requests in the bug database, this was one of those, and after about a  month of tweaking (all good) it finally worked perfectly on both releases of our software. Yay!

Got a call from the kennel, they were told by my vet that Domino's last rabies shot was 2006. Idiots, I had given them all of Domino & Pumpkin's paperwork when I switched to them from Banfield last year, I see they never entered it into their system. 

At about 4 I called the advice nurse, described in detail  my symptoms (which are TMI**), and he or she (I couldn't tell) made me an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow morning, and told me dinner will be saltines and Gatorade.  Neither of which I had at home.

There was a package to pick up at the apartment office by 6:30, so I mapped out a plan to pick that up, then hit the nearest 7-11, then home, then the theater.

Picked up the package and decided to see if the micro-mart in front had those things, and they did. So no 7-11 trip.

The package was an express delivery from China, a new improved cord to attach the camera to the little GPS. The original cord is short and not flexible, and it kept popping out of the GPS. The new cord is longer, curled and flexible. Once I got it jammed into the GPS real good it worked fine.

Still to do tonight - See if my favorite hotel in Bangkok (near skytrain & metro) has affordable rooms available.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off paperwork at kennel (and show them the rabies tag)
The Nerd

**not to worry, nothing serious, just puzzling because there are none of the usual symptoms which usually go with the one I am presenting. No fever, no tummy ache, no feeling faint, no dehydration.
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