Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Morning

Got up on time, which means early, was at the clinic in MV for my 9 am Dr appointment at 8:30-ish. Technically only 15 minutes early. There was registration to do and a minimalist diabetes symptoms form to fill out (5 or 6 yes/no questions, none of which was "have you murdered anyone since breakfast?" which I could not have answered, having not eaten breakfast). Long-ish session with the nurse to get all the meds straight and fill in some parental and sibling medical foibles. Doc also spent a lot of time with me, and has three candidates: -lactose intolerance (likely, Mom had it and one sister has it)
-pancreatic something
-colon something, though this is usually treated with Immodium, which has not been helping me.

First one is easiest to check - I'm on a lactose-free diet for 3 days. I'll be cutting out cheese as well, even though technically most of my favorites have the lactose processed out of them.

Down to the lab, 15-minute wait to get the home test kits (three of them) and another 15-20 minutes for the "since I'm there and fasting" blood draws.

To the kennels, showed the nice lady Domino's rabies vaccine tag (good till 10/2013) and the Banfield paperwork showing she is up to date on all her shots (though she needs one of them in October), so we're all good there. I still need to write the equivalent of a DNR order for her. The idea being that at her age, Domino is best put out of her misery than prolonging it with expensive treatment which will not help in the long run.

Home, had a banana, read the instructions for the home tests with Domino trying her best to read with her front paws on my arm and her butt on the recliner arm. Decided the tests will have to wait. Put together some lactose-free lunch and took it to work. Bagel, margarine, lox, pickle spears (home made), can of sardines, caffeine-free diet Coke, 1/4 bag of saltines. May also snag a banana from the company fruit basket, if there are any left.

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