Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Today, While I Was Old

Not that I was much younger yesterday. Do the math, Howeird.
22356 days old yesterday
22357 days old today.
22356/22357 = 0.99995527127968868810663326922217 is how much younger I was yesterday
22357/22356 = 1.0000447307210592234746824118805 is how much older I am today

Approximately. I did not count for leap days except for this year. So sue me.

But I digress.

Last night's low-carb dinner (you would think two ears of corn would be a lot), and my usual overnight insulin dose resulted in mild insulin shock at about 7:30 am. Hgl of 73. No ice cream permitted by my diet (it's the best thing for bring up blood sugar levels slowly and evenly) I put my teeth in and chomped a pair of glucose tablets. And then a trio of mint oreos.

Back to bed, because those attacks are very draining. Woke up at 9:30, which was enough time to email work I'd be late. Hgl up to 140, a little higher than I wanted but within my target of <150. Took my pills and shot up about 3/4 of my daytime insulin and got to work at about 10:30.

There was some work to do, on both products, and some stuff to read. It was automation guy's birthday, and I was taking him to a late lunch when he remembered he had a meeting.  Turned around, dropped him off, and went to lunch at Sizzler because by that time the lunch place we were headed for was closed, or close to it.

More work & weekly report.

Home, the delivery which yesterday's postal bozo had left a note to pick up at the PO because it was registered mail was in the mailbox. He mistook a simple customs form for registered. It was a solar filter, shipped from Korea. Also in the mail was the one of two Howard The Duck #1 issues I bought on eBay by mistake. Maybe I'll auction one of them at BASFA. If it goes for more than 25 cents I'll be surprised.

Decision time - what to sing for tomorrow's audition. When I'm going for a major role I usually haul out Old Man River, which is in a great key for me, and I have known to make theaters echo with it. But this time I am trying out for smaller parts in three fairly lightweight comedies, so I needed something more subtle. So I hauled about 10 inches of music from my bookshelf and started looking. It needed to be something I knew the words to, or could learn them in an hour or so. Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q almost worked, but I always forget the words at the end of the first verse. And it is a little too high. Where Is Love from Oliver is too high for me to nail the tricky part at the end of the verse. Everything from West Side Story, Carousel, Camelot and about four others were too high. I Am What I Am from Le Cage is in the perfect key, but it's too much of a blockbuster. Finally tried the tongue-in-cheek number I'd been thinking about, I'm Not That Girl, from Wicked. It's not only in the right key, the low note is my 2nd-lowest note. I need to work on the words a bit, but an hour of practice should do it.

Got approval from the Worldcon art show maven to mail in my photos, so I went online, filled out the application, PayPalled it, and will now forget all about it till August. That's when I'll select the 20 prints, have them mounted, make the labels and ship them.

Next: Dinner, then practice.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take a stab at putting up a Domino fence on the patio
Haul a room heater to Goodwill & a broken TV to Best Buy for recycle
Toss two or three of Pumpkin's scratching posts (He preferred carpet, Domino likes rope)
Auditions @ 2:30
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