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Three hours of prep for 3 minutes of performance

9 am the door rang, but by the time I had a robe on and opened the door, the UPS guy was gone, but he left the package. It was a larger cuff for my BP monitor. Only it was for a different model (same brand).

All morning I was running the lines to my audition song through my head, and sometimes my mouth. I kept not quite having the words there before I needed to sing them. And it was both at the beginning and two places in the middle. sometimes one or another but never all three.

I sang it while bringing some medical samples (home test stuff, way TMI),  to the Kaiser lab.

There is a space heater which has been sitting in the hallway across from the washer ever since I moved last October. The plan was to use it in one of the rooms when it got cold in the winter. I have no idea why, maybe because so many people in the surrounding apartments are from India and they have their heat turned way up, but my place never gets below 70. Usually it is 72 in the bedroom, 75 in the computer room and somewhere in between in the livingroom. I finally took it to Goodwill, along with a pair of pants I just bought which were non-refundable because they were hemmed special to give me a 28" inseam. The zipper is some kind of cheap metal and gets stuck a lot. Someone else's problem now.

Also in the car was a small TV which used to be a monitor for my computer video setup when I had one, until it fell on the floor and broke the LCD screen. I was going to recycle it at Best Buy, but there was none in the area of the Goodwill I had gone to. That's because I thought I would do a linear trip, starting at Kaiser, ending up at auditions, but I had started out way too early.

Home, lunch was kippers and sourdough whole wheat bread with margarine. I started on a can of sardines but ran out of appetite for sardines.

Took the plastic fencing out to the patio, and irony: I needed a scissor to get the new heavy-duty scissor out of its hermetically-sealed packaging. It looks like I can make the cat-proof patio, with time and black gaffer's tape. Maybe tomorrow.

Left in time to be half an hour early for auditions, which was good, it gave me a chance to fill out the form, have my picture taken (even though there's one on the resume they like to have a current one), and hear three people ahead of me sing. The audition notice asked people to only prepare enough of a song to give an idea what their voice was like, but everyone had prepared a full song, and most were not stopped until just before the end. One person (we go back about 25 years in theater) prepared a song which was a whole scene. She got way farther through it before they stopped her than I thought she would.

My turn, lots of familiar faces on the dais, and a few new ones (for me). The accompanist was Bob, the absolutely stellar pianist who played at last week's show. Got onstage, introduced myself, said I would be singing a bit from "I'm Not That Girl", which got a big laugh. Sometime this morning it dawned on me that I had never heard the piano intro for the piece. Bob played it well, somehow I started on the right note. I started shaking. It got worse and worse. I was doing well enough, only late on one phrase, and Bob covered for me, but for some reason I was extremely nervous. I'm never nervous in performances, but this has only happened to me maybe twice before. Very strange.

Anyhow, it was three minutes of singing, then I was done. No dance audition (they will do that at callbacks), no reading. They were under a time limit since there is a show there tonight, and many of the staff are in other shows too.

Callbacks are staggered by show:
Anything Goes are on Monday night
Promises, Promises are in July the last week I'll be in Thailand
Funny Girl will be in September (TBA)

I don't expect to be called back, I'm not going for a major role and put "non-dancing part" on my audition form. Most of the staff have seen me on stage, and can easily slot me into a smaller part after they have  made the hard choices.

On the way home I remembered I was almost out of margarine, and completely out of frozen matzo balls, and Lucky's was the closest place which has both, but as I pulled in there it was still pretty early (a little past 3 pm) and there's a nice big Starbucks there too, and I figured what with it being almost 80° out, maybe shopping first would result in melted margarine, so I took out the laptop and went for *$s unsweetened green tea and banana nut bread. In separate containers. Played on FB for a while, then went to Lucky's and bought margarine, frozen matzo balls, and a bunch of lactose-intolerant-related things. Lactaid®, plus a generic lactose zapper, vegan cheddar and swiss flavored non-dairy slices, two tubs of hummus (garlic & plain) because I still have frozen falafel left, and they were on sale AND had a $1-off coupon. And frozen extra-sweet corn cobbettes to make up for the crappy corn I bought at Trader Joe's the other day. And some other, even more boring, items.

Home, after I put stuff away I opened two packages which were in the mail. One was a 6th gen 80G iPod to replace the flaky 5th gen, 30G ones in the car. Major improvement in the UI, and it was in the original box with earbuds & USB connector. eBay purchase, I gave him high marks.

Also in the mail was a belt holster for the cell phone (phone is too wide for the 5th pockets on most of my pants). I sliced open the plastic package with a box cutter and sliced open a small cut in my left index finger. It wanted to bleed a lot, even after ice in a paper towel and pressure for 5 minutes. And a couple of hours under two band-aids and some medical tape. Took all that off, ran peroxide over it and dabbed on some iodine, but it kept bleeding until I had another band-aid on it. It'll be okay in a few days, but I'm not sure if I'll have my nails done tomorrow as planned. I suppose they can work around it.

And yeah, I ordered a new BP meter which does take the new cuff. They don't make a large cuff for the inaccurate meter I have, and they only package the small (aka "regular") cuff with the meter that can use the large cuff.  Had to buy the large cuff separately, regardless.

Over on FB, someone corrected my spelling of Gandhi (I spelled it Ghandi). I made a joke reply about how I'm "dysexlic" and always mixed up which of the letters in his name was aspirated. For those of you who slept through linguistics, English doesn't have aspirated consonants, but most SE Asian languages do. What it means is the letter is pronounced as if there is a hard H after it. G is a fairly common letter to have both plain and aspirated versions. So are B and D. She replied to this and she was all about how we must respect historical figures enough to spell their names correctly. I told her that she was right, and wondered if she knew what an aspirated letter was. Instead of just admitting she didn't, she said "I won't fall for that gambit" and said if I wanted to pursue it, I could message her rather than hijack a friend's unrelated post. I take that as a cowardly "no" and won't bother to try to educate her. She doesn't seem like the kind of person who wants to know "why".

Plans for tomorrow:
Patio fence
Coffee w/Janice if she is back from taking her BFFL on a birthday cruise

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