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Why am I not in bed?

Gotta journal.

Weekly meeting at work this morning almost ran out of things to talk about after half an hour, but somehow we managed to run 5 minutes over.  Weekend testing on one release went fine on my machine, so I installed the next release and found they had done a wonderful job implementing my suggestion on how to add a particular feature to the GUI. Ran out of time putting it through its paces.

Lunch was a trip to Fry's and Barn Thai, where they did have my CHM hat which I left there last week. Didn't get the email from the apartment so there's a package waiting to be picked up tomorrow. Barn Thai fails on their Pat Thai. They use some horrible thin round egg noodles not the flat rice ones. And not enough fish sauce.

Sill no pistachios at the Arab-Mexican market.

Changed at work and went to callbacks in Saratoga. We were warned that there would be a lot of waiting around, which is good, because the director/choreographer did almost everything in the wrong order. First she called all of us on stage at once (about 40 of us!) to learn what was supposed to be a simple number to show how well we moved. It was way too fast, and while each step was simple, it was put together in a complex way. Most of the other people actually are dancers, which made it all that harder for those who were not. Long story short, I was the only one who didn't even come close to getting it. Not interested, I won't be dancing in that (or any other) number. After she taught us all that, she sent us away, and taught a ballet number for the ballet folks, and then a tap number. She had the tappers audition first, then the ballet, then the rest of us.

After all the dance stuff, they had the women's ensemble all try a phrase from one musical number, and ended the evening with those of us chosen to try out for the sailor's quartet. It would have been nice if the first two notes of the song had been in the music he gave us. I'm not cut out to be a sailor, and luckily my buddy and highly experienced barbershop singer  David was there to share the bass singing duties. I did well, he did better. And he looks the part. It was interesting because the bass part was mostly easy, but the other three lines were just horrible. There was one tenor with a great voice who sang perfectly, but the rest of the guys were challenged. We did a bunch of combinations, and one of the ones David was in sounded great together.

I have music and lines to read tomorrow for the two parts I do fit, so that should be fun.

Plans for tomorrow:
P/u package
more work
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