Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Briefly because I need sleep

Good day at work, filed two bugs, played with a new feature I helped spec.

Lunchtime, automation guy came with me as I picked up a package at the apartment, voted, and then had lunch at a new sushi place. Excellent bento boxes, only $12.

3:45, set up camera in the parking lot ands took some photos of the transit of Venus, my boss helped (he's a pretty good photographer himself). Packed it up a little after 4

5:30, back out into the parking lot with the boss, both of us jazzed to see the little black dot on the sun today.

6:15, packed up and headed for callbacks in Saratoga, but a dead traffic signal at Prospect & Lawrence (four lanes in all directions, two left turn lanes in all directions) with no traffic cops made me 10 minutes late. Half an hour of crawling from the previous exit. I'll have to check the map for alternates, GPS was no help at all.

Callbacks were tedious but done very fairly. Everyone got at least one chance to read and sing for each part they were called back for. There were two annoying people, which is a very small number for the crowd we had. One is a woman whose husband is a mediocre singer and actor, but she burst into laughter for every little bit he did. Loud laughter. And she was the only one laughing. She just delights in him. Which I guess is an excellent quality in a wife. She was also going for a supporting role, I hope she doesn't get it. She is a bit less than mediocre. The other annoying person was one of the guys going for the two parts I'm most interested in. He's a good singer and actor, better than he thinks he is, so he will probably be cast, the annoying part is he won't shut up. He'll be the one at rehearsals whose chatter will keep us from hearing directions and will distract us. He's a good person, and I don't dislike him, I am merely annoyed by his inconsiderate behavior.

In brief (where have I said that before?): I did not see any good choice for the leading lady or the leading man. There were good choices for The Ingenue and all the supporting female roles and I know who I would pick for the two biggest male supporting parts. The two parts I tried out for could go to any of three of us.

Transit photos are here.

That dot at about 2 o'clock is Venus.

Transit of howeird

Time for bed.
Tags: astronomy, photography, theater, work

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