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long night's journey into day

Well hello there, using Dragon naturally speaking to dictate this and we'll see how it goes.

Okay well the first rule was it doesn't provide punctuation. So I have to provided myself! Even spaces.

Spent the morning playing with TiVo the new Wi-Fi was not very good or should I say it was about the same as the old Wi-Fi. That almost made me late for work but not quite - I got there about 10. And there was a lot of stuff to do. There were some bug reports to look at. And that was a thrill because they are written by people whose native language could be anything from Chinese to Hindu to Spanish and on rare occasions English. And these are all for a product that was suppose to have been end-of-life about two builds ago. But as with any company that is very customer conscious every time customers say no we need this piece of equipment will put new features in it and that's where we are right now.

So all day was spent looking at bugs that had allegedly been fixed by engineering and finding out if they really were and if they were closing them and if they were not reopening them and that really was all day and right about the end of the day, as I was looking at one last bug before I left, I found another bug on that same feature. That was a good place to turn off the computer and the decide to finish that bug tomorrow because writing bugs takes a long time.

Lunch was at a place called Dusit, a very tiny Thai restaurant which I have not been to enough, it was the first one my boss took me to when I was hired in 2007.

During the day I received e-mail from the theater inviting me to be one of the ensemble in Anything Goes. I can't say I agree with their choice of casting, so I had to think about that for a while and decided to ignore it since the e-mail said some people might not get back to them for a few days. More on that later…

Had a one-on-one with my boss it was mostly going over the bugs that I'd been working on all day, and talking a little bit about the transit of Venus photos that he'd "supervised" yesterday. And we were joking about the fact that he has a telescope in a box under his desk that he has been using as a foot rest, while I have a telescope that's been in my closet for months, because for both of us it's just been too cold outside to do any astronomy at night. Hopefully, the weather will get warmer and we will be able to use those wonderful toys.

After work was the expedition to buy the makings for chicken soup. But first as usual I stopped off at Starbucks and had a soy frappuchino and a morning bun. So the first stop after that was Safeway which traditionally does not have chicken gizzards which are essential in my homemade chicken soup, but one can always hope. I did manage to get some essential chicken soup ingredients like bananas only because they were on sale for $.49 a pound. But seriously I was able to get barley, split green peas, dried lima beans. yellow onions, carrots, celery, salad onions which I ended up not using, and about 96 ounces of chicken broth, low-sodium style. As usual, Safeway did not have chicken gizzards, but they did have a sale on chicken thighs and drumsticks (as one unit), so I bought a pack of that.

Since it was on the way home I went to Lucky's, which did have chicken gizzards so I bought twice as much as I needed, and while I was there I stocked up on hummus. Oh look! According to my receipt I actually bought the chicken broth at Lucky's.

Home, there was a box with Dragon naturally speaking inside of it, but that had to wait until I chopped up stuff and made a cauldron full of chicken soup, and set that on half heat. Easy to say but it took about an hour. And here it is about three hours later, I turned the heat down to simmer, and that will be on very low heat overnight sort of like it was in a crockpot.

Next order of business was to send e-mail to the producer and tell him that as long as they were okay with a non-dancing ensemble member, I would love to be in the show. He replied that they wouldn't have asked me unless they wanted me, and welcomed me to the show. So now I am really interested in seeing who they cast in the big parts that I wanted.

And after that I finally got around to sending in my bio and picture myself and a sample of my photo art to the WorldCon art show people.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ye Olde  Towne Band rehearsals
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