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It always feels earlier after rehearsals

Last things first. We had our first June rehearsal of YOTB, and for some strange reason I thought it started at seven and I left home at 6:30, and when I walked in at 5 min. after seven I thought I was late, but the place was empty. We start at 7:30. It's better for me to get there just in time or a little late because the guy who sits next to me toward the center of the row is in a wheelchair, and he socializes without regard to the time, and uses my chair to park his horn. So I have to wait for him to get done jabbering, wheel into his spot, and grab his horn before I can sit down. I had to look him up online a while ago, and found an article which said he was in the Stanford Band in 1962, and was a grad student, so he's at least 11 years older than me. The wheelchair is a new item this year, last year he was on crutches, so he sat in a regular chair.

Anyhow, it was an easy rehearsal, not a lot of high notes or frenetic numbers, and we had melody a lot.
Slopped the chicken soup into 7 1-qt containers, and a bowl which I heated up for dinner. Yummy stuff. Am now eating some TJ's veggie egg rolls with Thai honey pepper sauce. The containers are in the fridge, I need to empty the freezer and get them in there, or most of them.

This morning I paid $25 for Tivo's "plus" software, and installed it on my laptop, which was logged into the same repeater as the Tivo, and tried once again to grab the Jubilee program, and it made better progress than the main PC, but crapped out after about 5 minutes. Tonight I hard-wired the Tivo to the ethernet port on the repeater and it transferred with only one glitch when the Tivo app died. I've converted it to MP4 and H.264 (same thing really) and now it's cranking into VGA. Worth the $25 not to have to install computer-destroying Roxio. I'm sure my Corel video editor can handle one of those formats, I only need 5 minutes from the 2-hour clip.

Came home to a notice from the collection agency that they had reported my bogus Sprint bill to the credit agencies. I phoned, got a total runaround from the rent-a-cretin who claimed that it was not their job to remove the listing, they were only contractors for Sprint and get "a million" disputes, and until Sprint tells them it's resolved, they will ignore me. That's not how the law works, but he was deaf to that. He suggested I go to the store where I'd returned the phone and talk to the manager there, since Sprint has also chosen to ignore me. I'll do that tomorrow. If that doesn't work, FCC, State atty general, FTC will get mail.

 Lunch today was at the Japanese bowl nook, which had really nice wi-fi last time, but it was too weak to get a signal this time. So much for downloading a new book for the Kindle. That was the trigger I needed - when I got back to work I ordered a 3G Kindle Touch. I looked at the Fire, but it was overkill, and depends on wi-fi. Fire is selling for $199 - has it always been that low?

Anyhow, that will give me 3 Kindles to sell on eBay.
They announced the Anything Goes cast today. I am very disappointed. The women I had picked for the ingenue and the moll were not even cast. Out of all the main characters, there was only one I would have cast the same person for if I was director. This is not as bad as it sounds, because everyone at callbacks looked capable of playing the parts they were going for. It's goping to be interesting. I've seen the director sing, dance and act, and she does all three well. She'll be choreographing as well as stage directing. The music director did fine, too. Stage manager is a great guy I worked with last time I played that theater, who is sometimes assisted by his twin grown daughters. Rehearsals start while I'm in Thailand, the show opens mid-September.

Work was busy, this time the bug fixes I was verifying were the kind which took half an hour just to read, let alone test.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sprint at lunchtime
Maybe Verizon too, because it looks like my Moto Droid Razor Maxx doen't work as a phone in Thailand, just data. It may be better just to pick up a phone in Bangkok when I get there.
Roller derby in Redwood City. Maybe.  

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