Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Again

And I have a photo shoot in Mountain View at 9:30.

Another fun day at work, spent about an hour on my weekly report summing up all the bugs I worked on (major crush mode, lots of pounding on us by upper management).

No lunch, instead went to the Sprint store to try to get the bogus billing straightened out. Total waste of time. Unlike Verizon and AT&T, Sprint office drones have nothing to do with billing. All the guy did was call the same bozos I had been calling all this time. Turns out I did owe $35, because you have to return the phone in 3 days to get the activation fee refunded. I talked to the manager of the bozo on the line, we ran the numbers, and 10 days of usage plus activation fee plus taxes was about $70. Not worth arguing about the other $15, so I hung up on him. And will never even think of doing business with Sprint again. An itemized bill would have gone a long way to solving this at the beginning.

That made me lose my appetite. I went to the Starbucks a few doors down, ordered a chocolate smoothie, and sent the laptop to the collection agency web site and paid the bill. Note to self: chocolate smoothies are 80% banana, 1% chocolate, and 100% bland.

Back to work, finished one last bug, wrote my report and headed home.

Took a nap, because I needed it badly. Overslept, and didn't get to the roller derby until halftime. Got lots of great pix of my friend Jen, aka Saffron Cisco. Or maybe it's Cisco Saffron. She did the makeup this time (I met her when she was working with the Stanford G&S group, and she knows makeup well).

Click on the photo to go to the rest of the set.

My Kindle is now full of good stuff. I downloaded most of the Hugo nominees and copied them to the Kindle. It turns out that technically I am a Hugo nominee this year. The Drink Tank fanzine's 300th issue was nominated, and I have an article in there and most of the filler photos are mine, so my fan name is all over that issue.

Plans for tomorrow:
Outdoor model photo shoot at Shoreline Park 9:30 am
Coffee w/Janice (back from the Cruise From Hell) at 5
Finish the cat fence
Make a "modem sounds" ringtone
eMail my travel dates to the baritone section of the band

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