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WTF am i doing up this early on a Sunday?

So sleepy last night, I went to bed at 11, right after transporting a load of cat poop from the bedroom to the litterbox on the other side of the apartment. Cat is now permanently banned from bedroom. No more Mr. Nice Guy. She has two litterboxes, there's no excuse. Serious thoughts of young people in the orient for her.

Could not get to sleep, despite serious sleep deprivation after a busy day.

Saturday started with a return of the gastrointestinal problem. Lactose intolerance is not the issue. I think what had cleared it up the last time was taking 4 Immodium the day before my doctor's appointment. It just took a day to kick in. LactAid did not help. That made me 5 minutes late for the photo shoot, and I was pissed that they were not at the designated meeting spot. Usually this group leader waits for up to 15 minutes for everyone who paid up to show up. Phoned him, they had gone over to Rengstorff House, which is a great shooting venue, and were waiting for the model to get dressed. Very photogenic model, not real good at posing without direction, but a killer body and gorgeous eyes & hair. I was using the $300 flash on the camera for fill, but when I got the photos uploaded to the PC it was clear this did not work. Good thing I have PhotoShop. There's a widget called "lighten shadows" and another called "midtones brighter" which fix that quickly and seamlessly.

Only 4 photogs, so lots of shooting time (I took about 215 pix). Beautiful weather just kept getting more beautiful. For shooting I would have preferred high cloud overcast, but sunshine is okay too.

Starving after, went to Lakeside Cafe for lunch. It was packed (lots of people there whose kids were taking boating/sailboarding lessons). Service was slow but that's okay, I had my Kindle and started reading Hugo nominee Jar Jar Biggs Must Die. It's basically a compilation of one reviewer's sci-fi film reviews, starting with an extremely defensive forward about how sci-fi is not crap, and how horrible it is that the makers of most classic sci-fi films feel they have to pretend it's another genre to not be labeled as crap.

They slightly carbonized the fish part of fish and chips, and the fries were undersized. The clam chowder was great, I should have ordered a bowl instead of a cup.

Home after a restroom stop, tried to take a nap but Domino decided to climb up on top my chest, lie down and go to sleep there. For an hour.

Up at 4 pm to meet Janice for coffee not far from where the photo shoot was. She had stories to tell about the Cruise From Heck. I thought she had been on a cruise before, but apparently not, and she discovered she hated cruises. Nothing to do. And more important, no single black men. And she made the mistake of sharing a cabin with her drop-dead-gorgeous nurse friend/neighbor/AA sponsee and friend's mother, which meant being on the couch. And I told her about auditions, and work and roller derby.

It was only a little after 7, and I was wanting goat and sheep cheeses, so I headed over to The Milk Pail, which stocks my favorites, but they were closed and hosing down the parking lot. On to Piazzi's market, where I spent $57 on cheeses and Scharffen-Berger dark chocolate.

Home, there was just enough light left to tie-wrap the part of the cat fence I had put up last week, and put up the other three sections enough to hold them in place. Will secure the new sections more today. Last night was I was using the 14" ties, which worked way better than trying to daisy chain a pair of 7" ones. Less visible from the outside, too. Today will be the 7" ties on the smaller vertical bars. And then I'll let Domino test it.

Went onto Kaiser's web site looking for travel vaccination info, and it took about 15 minutes to find it. Looking at the list of vaccination they have on file for me, everything is out of date, nothing since 1995 except 7-year Td in 2005.. I thought that was a mistake, since I'd been to Thailand in 2005 and 2008, but looking at my health card, the last item was just one shot - Td (tetanus & diphtheria) in 2005. I'll call the immunizations clinic tomorrow and make an appointment.

So far this morning I set up autopay on all my credit cards to pay the minimums, just to cover me from forgetting. I generally pay off the cards which have finance charges, and keep the balances of the 0% cards reasonable, but I'll be gone for almost a month. Also ordered a better GPS unit for the camera, the one I bought the new cable for would not stay connected - something wrong with the proprietary slot on the unit. They should have a standard USB slot, but they went one-off. I will send this one in for repair, but it won't get back to me before I go on vacation.

Moved my only surviving VCR into the computer room, only to find it does not have S-Video, and my capture card has only cable and S-video inputs. Silly me, I should be able to daisy chain the cable through the VCR. Problem solved.

Other plans for today are to process the photo shoot pictures and post the best ones, watermarked, on Flickr, make a modem ringtone, maybe re-capture some of my old theater clips and put higher resolution ones on the web site. Maybe enjoy the sunshine.
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