Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So much for slacking off

Full day at work, morning spent trying to fool a program into giving up a text version of what we see on the screen, and it gave me everything except the bit I needed. There has been no upgrade to their web site since 2004, and in theory support for us expired long ago.

Lunch with automation guy at Thaibodia. I tried one of the Cambodian dishes, it was pretty much Thai yellow curry veggies with pork, except the meat was not cut small enough and the veggies were mostly American. Not bad, though. Service, once again, was glacial. We were two of only 8 people there, everyone else was finishing their meal when we arrived.

Back to work, tackled a total re-do of an automation script, and by 6 pm was almost done, in theory. I just need to add one more line. But it's a long test, since the machine has to run an update, reboot, then check that the version was updated correctly. That reboot is lengthy. And I also have to figure out how to look for a particular error message to disappear before continuing.

Got a call from Kaiser,  colonoscopy  is scheduled for the 26th. They need someone to bring me and take me home, which is odd - last time it was done without drugs, I was fine with it, watched the whole thing on the monitors, and went home under my own power.

Home, very warm day, sat out on the patio to enjoy it. Not much of a view except for people bringing their children to the pool, and often bringing them right back out, screaming. The children. Sometimes the parents too.  I hate that my high rent helps pay for things which attract hoards of screaming children. I'll be moving when my lease is up.

Domino is not nearly as interested in the patio now that it's clear she cannot get out. Or see out very well.

Had dinner, watched a couple of segments of Dr. Drew on HLN, and will be nuking that season pass because he has stopped talking about happy things like he used to do on Love Line, and is now all about face-eaters, child molesters, fathers beating child molesters to death, and anything else unpleasant he can find.

Did the whites (laundry). Which reminded me of one of my favorite lines from All In The Family. Archie is left to do the laundry, and just dumped all the clothes in together. Meathead says something like "I can't believe this! Archie forgot to separate the coloreds from the whites!".

Worked with PhotoShop to see if I could change my embossed text watermark to my signature. It worked fine when I was recording the macro, but the automation widget did not understand how to keep two files open, and copy one to the other. I can make it work if I do the first 3 steps manually, which only has to be done once per session. But I'll poke around a bit because I'm sure there's a way to make it all automated.

Pulled down my various file boxes, and looked for Thai coins. At first I thought I had found an envelope about an inch thick with Thai paper currency, but looking closer it is my collection of bills from all the countries I have visited since 1989. I did find two coin purses and a zip-lock bag which had Thai coins. Lots of 1 baht coins (about the size of a Canadian dime) and a few 5 baht and 10 baht (which look like oversized Canadian Twonies). OCD set in and I put the larger coins in one purse and the smaller ones in another. I'm not sure what 1 baht buys today, it takes 32 or so to make $1. But change is for the better. Maybe zyzyly knows.

So financially, I'm set for the trip.

Apartment emailed that they have a package for me, but it's 30 lbs of kitty litter, I'm not making a special trip for that. I expect two more packages tomorrow, will grab those at lunchtime, or on the way home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco - I'm out of good (Noah's) bagels. TJ's suck, they are dry and crumbly and taste like sand.
Kaiser - p/up a prescription
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