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One Step Forward, One Step In Place

Busy busy at work. Lots of housekeeping around the new feature, and a lot of automation work. We have a program which does all the hard stuff, but it's still muchos workos to make it all behave the way I want it to.

Lunchtime I went to Kaiser to pick up the prescription which was supposed to have been available after 5 pm last night. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, they said it was not filled yet, they would have it done right away, and it would be ready in another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I left. Too much to do at work to hang around a broken system. They have 10 cashier stations, only three were in use. I was only ab out 8th in line, it took 20 minutes to get to the head of the line. Their official policy is they have meds ready in 15 minutes, they were not even coming close to that.

Lunch was a PNB&J sandwich and celery with hummus both of which I'd brought from home just in case.

Home, picked up the box of kitty litter at the office (big WTF - it doesn't have to be signed for, and they could have left it at my door). At my door was another package, a 3TB network drive. Go figure.

Reading Jar Jar Must Die last night, there is one old film I am not sure I have ever seen, Things To Come based on a HG Wells book of a similar name. It mentioned how there are no good prints out there, so I bought two versions, one from BestBuy and one from Amazon. Whichever one I don't keep will probably sell for $1 at BASFA.

At 7 I went back to Kaiser, this time it only took 5 minutes in line to get the meds, but they had me waste 15 waiting for the consultant pharmacist to tell me less than I already knew about the stuff.

Then to Costco for bagels and pistachios, and some other things which were on the unwritten list. This time I managed not to buy anything I already had enough of.

Home again, sat on the patio while Domino went in and out. She decided after a while she liked sitting up on the side table next to my chair. She was a lot less interested in dogs being walked on the path in front of us than most cats would be.

After it was too dark, I tried setting up the new drive. I already have the 1TB version, it works pretty well. And that was a problem, because they designed this thing to be the only one on th network. I can log into its IP address and mess with the settings, but the PC can't find it as a shared network drive. Not even when I shut down the other one. The plan was to back up my photos to this one, and keep the original to backup the usual stuff on the PC (docs and stuff). I'm not finding an answer on Seagate's support page, I will have to open a trouble ticket.

In sports, Matt Cain pitched a no-hitter. It is being called a "perfect game" but it was far from perfect. The last three batters whacked the ball pretty good, and it was fielding which saved the day. Spectacular fielding in several cases. Cain threw 125 times, "only" 83 were strikes. He only struck out 14 of 27 batters - barely half. The Giants scored 10 runs, which I think is the more memorable feat, considering their past history. IMHO a perfect game for a pitcher is 81 strikes in a row. Accept no substitutes. I'm willing to go this far: The Giants as a team had a perfect defensive game. While it was an outstanding offensive game, it wasn't perfect, only 10 runs from 15 hits.

But I have to say it's a vast improvement to have the cardiologists on call with the tension of a no-hitter than the last minute 1-run wins (or losses) we've had lately.

One more item. One of my oldest and dearest friends used to be very close to someone who should be a lot more famous than he was. She would like to have a Google Doodle done in his honor. I knew him in Oregon, which is also where he passed away. Here's what she had to say:

6 August 2012, marks the 100th birthday of Graham Doar, and I think his birthday is worth a Google Doodle for "The Outer Limit" (published in the Saturday Evening Post in December, 1949). According to "Smoking Rockets : The Romance of Technology in American Film, Radio & Television, 1945-1962" the story had a very long life in that it kept reappearing in different formats/adaptations.

The Outer Limit may be the first Science Fiction that incorporates the concept of "missing time". "The Day The Earth Stood Still" has a marked resemblance to "The Outer Limit" especially in the theme of planetary quarantine. An unnamed editor at the SEPost changed the title from "Quarantine" to "The Outer Limit".

I notice there are no proper biographies or even birth/death dates for Graham - though he's now all over the web re: Outer Limit postings - possibly because very few people ever knew his actual first name (he disliked it) of Joseph. He died 13 November 1985 in the Portland area. He was a direct descendant of Daniel Boone (his mother was a Boone).

I suggested she write to proposals@google.com, but maybe I should find someone at Orycon or whatever Portland has for a sci-fi group and ask them to help make it go viral. Ideas on how to make this happen are welcome. 

Plans for tomorrow:
More work
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