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So, progress.

Early this morning, long after I had told myself to go to bed, I did one last search through Seagate's forums and found someone asking exactly my question - how to have two of their Goflex-Home drives on one network. A tech support person answered that the drives were designed to be unique on the network, and support any number of computers. And then gave some instructions of how to fool two drives to each talk to a different computer on the network. Stupid support person didn't see that if one could set up two drives on one network, then his claim that one computer could not use both is bogus.

So I did the simple thing he suggested - after getting addresses assigned by the router, set the drives to no use DHCP anymore, and hard-code those addresses into the drive. Wasy, since each drive has a browser GUI which one gets to just by calling out the IP address. Piece. Of. Cake.

I copied my photos folder to the new drive, standard Windoze dragon drop, and it said at first it would take 21 hours, but when Win7 realize this was a 1GB connection, it change to 6 hours. That was at 2 am. When I checked at 7:30 am, it needed me to click something and after that it was done in 5 minutes. 500GB. Yay!  I think I'll also send it my old Howard directory, which has a lot of my old dox & spreadsheets.

Work was almost solid writing automation for that new feature. It was a lot more unique procedures than I had expected, but it was done by about 5. Big boss' staff meeting at 3 helped pass the time. It was almost a total waste of time, he had nothing new to tell us.
Home, picked up a package (I was expecting the VCR) which was the GPS for the camera, the top-of-the-line model, with a nice personal note from their saleslady thanking me for letting her send the still-in-beta (till Saturday) version, with just a quick reference sheet for documentation, and no wireless remote (both of which will come after I'm back from vacation). It's a lovely piece of gear, about the size as a bicycle's speedometer, with a readable LED display. I took it out onto the patio, and after about 20 minutes it got signal, which the camera had no trouble recognizing. I've had it charging, and will set up the few parameters after I write this. We're talking total win here.

Then off to band rehearsals. Attendance was so surprising the conductor took a picture. Five tubas. We usually only have two, sometimes none. And 5 baritone horns, which is what we had most of last year until our youngest section member went off to school somewhere. New guy plays well, nice guy. My last rehearsal this year will probably be next Thursday, then a concert on the 24th and July 4th, then I'm on vacation and may play in the July 29 concert but will probably miss the July 26 rehearsal.

After that, it depends on Anything Goes. my part may be small enough to let me go to band rehearsals and the August concert. Maybe. But definitely not September.

Plans for tomorrow:

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