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Time Delay

The 2-hour nap I took at 6:30 shifted my clock.
Work was all follow-up, lunch with some of the gang was a walk down the block & across the street to a small place in the middle of a bunch of what used to be individual failing businesses, but have all now been taken over by NVidia. As a result, the place is doing much better because there are actual employed people to patronize it just a few feet away. NVidia's main building about 2 blocks away (with the world's longest stop light) has a gorgeous cafeteria, but it's a longer walk than it sounds.

I had the pork ribs, which were horrible. Should have gone with the salmon.

The walk back was a lot slower than the walk there. Good thing, because my sciatica was kicking in just as we got to our parking lot.

Home, waiting for me were 5 Chicon T-shirts, one for me and the others for my sister, he husband, their son and his wife. Tradition goes back 20+ years of matched T-shirts. When I buy one for my sister, I buy one for the three of them, which is now the four of them. I really like the design this year. Renovation had a great logo, but they stopped making a T-shirt with it before the con started. Very disappointing. The official con design was switched to something by their pro artist GoH, and while it is gorgeous, it is too serious.

Also waiting for me was the colorized version of the 1936 HG Wells classic Things To Come.

But first, I went out on the patio until Domino got bored and went inside to peer through the screen door. Very sleepy, took a nap, woke up at 8:45 very rested. Watched the DVD, which is a very good restoration job, only a couple of delays where major scene changes may have lost some content at the transitions, and the colors were excellent for the time period. Raymond Massey is the leading character - I had no idea he was so old (40) when he made this picture. His imdb write-up is astounding, including 191 episodes of Dr. Kildare, and parts ranging from  Lincoln to John  Brown to the Boris Karloff role in Arsenic and Old Lace. In this classic he plays three roles - a 30-ish air force pilot, a 60-ish ultra-modern pilot, and then his son, now head of a utopian society. Sir Ralph Richardson plays the small-time Hitler analog, Sir Cedric Hardwicke has a major role, and all the acting is just non-wooden enough to be enjoyable. The score by Sir Arthur Bliss is heavy on the war scenes, almost non-existent elsewhere.  The DVD comes with interviews with an elderly Ray Harryhausen, who supervised the colorization, and probably the reconstruction as well. I'd read how most of the versions out there are horribly cut up prints, but this colorized one is worth full price, and then some. The utopian scenes are mind-blowing.

Dinner while I watched was in three courses. Celery with hummus, sourdough baguette mini slices topped with 3 different kinds of goat cheese, and chicken soup with matzo balls.

Did some research, decided to go with mostly SD cards instead of CF cards for my trip, and bought 10 16GB 10MBps ones. Transcend instead of Sandisk, $12 vs $18, the diff probably only being the download speed. Could have gone with 5 32GB cards, but that's 1500 images (raw) and I don't want to risk losing that many if "something" happens. I also have a pair of high-speed 8GB CF cards from last trip. Meanwhile I pulled the unknown speed AData 16GB CF card from the camera and left in the Patriot 32GB 10MBps one in there to see if it keeps up.

And in other news, Microsoft gave me about $30 in dividends for my 150-ish shares of employee stock. Big whoop.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gala opening for the Palo Alto Players' play, assuming they held a ticket for me. I didn't get a reply to my RSVP, but that doesn't mean anything since they invited everyone who was in a show with them last season.
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