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The whole idea was to be entertained, and boy, was I.  Did not look at my watch until the credits started rolling. I think it completely lived up to the high standards of the franchise, and more.

Let's get some of the basic stuff out of the way. Josh Brolin was perfect as the young Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy Lee Jone was a bit more craggy faced than he needed to be,  especially at the tender age of 65, and surrounded by the best makeup artists on the planet, but it worked.  Will Smith is still Will Smith (that's a good thing). Special effects were...uh...out of this world. Totally gripping from the opening moment, though I thought they would have done better to give Nicole Scherzinger  a more substantial part.

And the biggest surprise for me was the absolutely outstanding performance by  someone of whom I thought I had never heard before: Michael Stuhlbarg, who was just plain amazing as Griffin, the wide-eyed Glamourian who can see all timelines. It is hard for me to believe this is the same actor who played Rene Tabard (the bookseller) in Hugo. What a find - an actual actor. Counting Grobin, that's two in one movie. Make that three - Emma Thompson as Agent O (please have someone bitch-slap the person who decided on that character's name) was excellent both as the Hilary-Clinton-like head of MIB and as the 1960's pouf-haired Agent Who Probably Makes Coffee For the Boss.

 Which reminds me that for the past couple of days a thought has been bouncing around in my brain about actors. It goes like this:
There are actors, and there are personalities.
Johnny Depp is an actor. He is skilled at playing characters so well you may not even recognize him.
Jack Nicholson and Will Smith are personalities. They play themselves, and are instantly recognizable.
Bill Murray is neither.

And I suppose Jemaine Clement deserves kudos for playing the bad guy, though 90% of that character is gorgeous special effects, costume and makeup. And stunt doubles.

If the last 10 minutes does not make you cry, there's too much Agent K in you. Brilliant way to provided a moving back-story without rebooting the series.

My only serious complaint about this film is there's no easter egg.

I may be adding this to my very small blu-ray collection.

Worth full 3D price.

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