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Senior [Moments] Life

Each work day morning I have a quasi-routine which wraps up with taking the lunchbox from atop the fridge, inserting a blue ice unit§ from the freezer and then adding snack-like objects which I'll be eating at strategic points during the day. What those are depends on what I have on hand, but there are priorities. If I have bananas, one or two of those go in first. Some cookies (this month it's Oreos because Costco had the 10x10-pack half price), some nuts (pistachios right now, macadamias next), in the summer 3-4 slices of turkey bologna which may or may not be eaten depending on what's for lunch, and lately a small tub of humus to go with the celery stalks which I've cut short enough to fit into a snack-size ziplock bag. I usually have breakfast at my desk, which M-Th and every other F will be a bagel, if I have any in the freezer. The reason it's every other F is work provides bagels every other F and donuts the other F's. This week it's donuts.

Lately, all too often, I have been forgetting something.

This week, the day after I bought a hand of very nice bananas, I forgot the bananas. This morning, halfway to work, I realized today's bagel was still in the microwave. At least I had not left out the cream cheeze because I forgot to take it, and the lox, out of the fridge.

But not to fear, there is a Plan B. I have a stash of shrimp-flavored Nissan Cup-o-Noodles in one of my cabinets at work.

§Like this:

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