Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Perpetual Anticipation

This was one of those days when there was nothing important on the books to do today, but a whole excrement-load of things over the next several days. And nothing to do today except tear my brain apart about those future things.

Tomorrow I have a choice between the SETI con, and Computer History Museum's opening of their Google live view display. I will probably do both. The con schedule looks just like a fan con, with three panels going on at any given time, plus a media track, plus a coffee klatch track. $45 for a day pass is a bit steep, but workable.

Sunday at 1:30 the band I am in is giving its monthly concert, and I have a coffee klatch with Janice, who will want details on being my ride for Tuesday.

Tomorrow and through Wednesday I am on a clear liquid diet. Gatorade, tea, 7-up, and so on. That's prep for the colonoscopy on Tuesday. Also prep is Monday night and Tuesday morning drinking goop which will make me purge. I've had a colonoscopy before and it was fascinating, but the prep it Just Plain Horrible. There has to be a better way.

Also on the plate, probably for tonight, it to pull the car GPS/audio unit out and replace the iPod cable with a standard USB so I can update the GPS map from 2010 to 2012. It's supposed to update just by putting in an SD card, but (a) you cannot remove the SD card or you lose the update and (b) there is another SD card I want to use which hold my points of interest and (c) the unit only reads from the SD card correctly 1 in 100 times. I bought the tools I need yesterday.

And then there's my Thailand trip next week. Anticipation time for that is almost done, except there's a train trip or two I want to make, but you can only reserve tickets in person. They used to have online and fax but those have been pulled. To add to the fun, one of the destinations is not listed on the online schedule, though I know it is available. I just don't know which of 4 trains stops there.

Work today was dead boring until about 3, when the new build came out, which had fixes  for a couple of my bugs. That kept me busy for the rest of the day.

Oh wait, lunch was not boring. I convinced the gang to try Sushi Blvd, a tiny place hidden in a small, old strip mall close to one of our other popular spots. They loved the place, big portions, fast service, and they also loved that in the same L-shaped mall there were also two Mexican, one Salvadoran, Vietnamese, one Thai, two Philippino restaurants and a Philippine store and a pizza place. Not to mention the Mexican/Arab supermarket. almost two weeks' worth of lunch trips.

Got to the movie Starbucks at a little after 6 and it was packed. At 7 it was almost empty. 7:20 and it is half full. Lots of eye candy. There was a young man, when I arrived, who was outside with a beautiful malamute husky, trolling for girls. Beautiful dog, plain man. No one bit.

I hear Dick Cheney's daughter married her partner. Cheney has said many times he loves his daughter unconditionally, and has supported her choices, and I believe him. What I don't understand is how someone who is okay with a gay daughter did nothing to make gay marriage okay when he had the chance. Must be a 1% thing.

I guess that's it. Back to annoying people on FB.

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