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Did I mention that in my OCD moment yesterday of organizing the piles of stuff in the box in the bedroom I found a Palm TX and a charging/sync cradle and a USB sync/charge cable for it?

Last night I plugged the latter in and was able to set the date, but when I hit a button it went dead. I played with it some more today, but the cradle is missing its power adapter and the USB cable has a broken Palm connector. I ordered a connector online ($3) which may arrive in time for me to play before vacation.  That little guy worked really well for its time.

Had a bit of a low blood sugar at 1 am, but it wasn't low enough to worry about. I drank some High C, which I probably shouldn't have since it is red. Not too concerned, the no-red thing was not supposed to start till tomorrow.

The Gatorade diet is working fine. It's really a clear liquid diet, and may include:

 * water
 * broth
 * bouillon
 * consommé
 * white grape juice
 * apple juice
 * 7-up
 * Sprite
 * KoolAid
 * Gatorade
 * Jello
 * popsicles.  

No alcohol and no purple or red drinks.

Gatorade is way high in sodium, so I have been switching off with iced tea. Since I'm not getting any other calories, I'm going for the non-diet stuff.

Played online for a bit, played with the cat, then hauled my baritone out to the car and drove to the concert, an hour early. Got my favorite parking spot. It was probably still free 30 minutes later. Turnout was good, but down from last year, except this time we had some captive audiences - people who were there for picnics and BBQ parties and the playground. It was a relatively easy set of music, most of the high notes were in the first half. We were done by 3:30, which is a little early but it didn't feel that way.

Next stop was Starbucks down the end of Miramonte, where there used to be a Blockbuster. Two hours early for my coffee klatch with Janice, but there were seats by the AC outlets, and if there's one thing I do well it's waste time on the internet. Janice was on time as usual, I packed up the PC and we moved outdoors. Part of the deal was to go over logistics for Tuesday, she'll be my ride there and back. She's retired, but that just means she's busier than ever. This will give her time to read.

Safeway, got some jello, Sprite and more Gatorade for tonight and tomorrow.  And popsicles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home & start drinking the colon gunk.

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