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Rocky Road

On Monday I took out my "rock collection" to re-photograph, since I was not pleased with the last two attempts, and had a sudden flash of inspiration. And I want to sell some of them on eBay, which means having good photos.

It took a couple of hours to shoot all 165 stones, and they looked okay in the little preview window, but when I slurped them into the PC they were unacceptable. Some were out of focus, some blurred by motion (the tray table I was using was not solid enough). The lighting was better than the last time, but still not good enough.

So I will try again this weekend. Last night I took a few minutes to see if I could tape a flashlight to the lens to give me the light I needed, but that didn't work, since the light pointed above the focus point of the lens. I would have to rig some sort of cage to make that work, and a cage would probably get in the way of focusing.

If I'm lucky, the sun will come out Saturday or Sunday afternoon - that would be the ideal lighting. I'm on call this weekend, so it's a good time to do something which keeps me at home. Bummer, because Saturday night is the annual NorCal Peace Corps Association meeting in SF, and I really wanted to go.

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