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And That Brings Us Back to D'oh

I pulled both repeaters, which meant hooking the wi-fi adapter back up to the Tivo, and surprise, surprise, it connected at 5GHz. Much faster download, no more hanging foo in places it shouldn't even be looking for a network connection.

This morning I worked from home, capturing a clip from th TV tuner and converting it to MPEG-2 ans MPEG-4. There was enough room on my phone to copy them there. At work I played them to see if I could grab the Audio description streams, but the conversion had wiped them. Or perhaps Windows Media Center hadn't recorded them.

It was not a typical day, announcement-wise, but that's about all I'm allowed to say. Tomorrow promises to be moreso.

More research on Audio, and then a lunchtime bout of surgical strike shopping/errand. Amazed I got it all done. Rite Aid for some dental stuff, which was on sale "buy one, get one half price". Win! Plus each of those had 15% more in the box to begin with.

OSH, drip pans for the range, hummingbird feeder and food, and something to string it up.

Kaiser, picked up insulin and a couple of other presriptions. Then the competitively priced Shell station on the way back, for which my Lucky's card got me another 20 cents per gallon off. So, 20 cents less than Arco, and no stupid ATM surcharge.

Back to work, more AD research. Interesting stuff, almost forgot it to go home.

I'm out on the patio on the laptop writing this. Domino is curled up in the chair next to me. The one with the comfortable cushions.

Too late to go to the SJ Giant's game (OSH had free tickets).

The cable for the Palm arrived, but it is not doing any good. I wonder if I need the software. I'll try that, but it doesn't seem to be taking a charge, or registering with the USB.

First thing this morning I heard enough of Obama's speech about the Supes approving the forced insurance clause of the health care package. I think he finally got a coach, because this time he did not sound like he had a stick up his butt or a prompter in his ear. It just dawned on me that when I learned how to do scripted trade show presentations with a pre-recorded spiel playing in my ear that it causes awkward pauses, and maybe this is why Obama always pauses every three words. My guess is he is a slow reader and used an earpiece as a crutch.

I hate how he tries to turn a FAIL into a win. The promise was for National Health Care, no more health insurance companies gouging us. Total coverage for everyone through a tax-funded program. Instead we get the same corrupt system with some impossible to enforce rules added to give (expensive) coverage to those who can get none at any price. And it forces people who cannot afford it and may not need it to buy insurance. Gag me.
Plans for tomorrow:
Bad movie night at the Colliers'

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