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Lots of reading at work, lots of almost falling asleep. Very technical stuff, mostly BBC white papers. Pretty dry material to be reading during high fire danger season.

Just before lunch, automation guy said two of my test cases failed. Turns out engineering changed the rules on us for a related feature, so I spent half an hour fixing that and uploading the changes.

Lunch was at Burger King where I used the TechCU credit card which allegedly will give me 10% cash back. From there it was a short hop to Kahlua Kennels, where I dropped off the directive I'd written telling them to not bring Domino to the vet unless she is so bad off she needs to be put to sleep. I don't see that happening in 3 weeks, but you never know.

Just before go-home time, automation guy says my new test failed. We walked through it, and it turned out that his test machine was set up differently from mine, but also the test I uploaded had not saved properly. We fixed that but it took an extra hour because instead of just running the bits which were wonky he insisted on running the whole test suite.

He said Monday he will teach me how to automate command line tests, which will let me build at least two more.

Home after work, spent some time with Domino on my lap. Then it was off to Bad Movie Night. Lots of fun except for one guy with a piercing voice who never shut up, and wasn't very funny. That lasted till about 11, then home again and a light dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fill & hang the hummingbird feeder
Move some stuff out of the storage room and put the boxes of wire frames and assorted electrical/electronic junk in there
Change the litterboxes
Maybe do some laundry (or Sunday)
Tags: cat, food, movies, work

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