Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It was 5:45 pm just a minute ago. How did it get to be 3 hours later?

Lots of stuff got done, but describing it all won't take much time.
Walked a couple of blocks to the nails place & had a manicure. Back home by way of Carl's Jr. because they have a restroom. Grilled cheese bacon burger for lunch, out on the patio with Domino. A hummingbird poked his head where there may have once been a feeder hanging there. Instead of just flying away he perched in the nearest tree for a bit. Motivation.

Re-organized the storage room (it's next to the apartment). Hauled four boxes out there. One is full of wire frame squares for which I have lost the connectors. They are VERY heavy. Next move I will probably use them with tie wraps. The other three boxes were on in the bedroom and two in the computer room full of wires and stuff. Nice to get boxes out of the bedroom.

Hauled the 12' ladder to the patio, and a staple gun and some cord. Mixed up a batch of hummingbird food and filled the feeder. Hung it on the cord, which spun like a dervish for about 5 minutes before settling down to an unwound state.

Took a nap.

Vegged out on the patio with Domino. Got the camera and macro lens out and took another try at eye photos. It took a lot of tries, and much Photoshopping, but I got what I was after.

Removed the broken table from the patio, and dis-assembled it for the dumpster.

Uploaded pix to Flickr, posted some to here and FB. Caught up on FB.

Still to be done:
Take out the garbage

Plans for tomorrow:
Cheetah's -I need some 1's .
Coffee w/Janice

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