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Took out the garbage, broke down the pile of boxes in the living room from internet shopping and tossed the pieces down the garbage chute - apartment doesn't recycle cardboard :-(

Decided that doing laundry on the weekend was lame. Will wait till Wed or Thurs.

Drove out to Saratoga for my favorite massage place, and even though it was supposed to be open, it wasn't. It was lunchtime anyway so I went down the block to Jake's (a favorite of the Saratoga theater crowd) where they had a lot of people watching the Euro soccer finals. Kind of ironic that in a pizza place they were rooting against Italy. I don't know much about soccer, but it was clear that Spain's second goal was a Thing Of Beauty. Lots of applause from the crowd.

They advertised a new special meatball sandwich & Caesar salad, so I ordered that. The salad was not a Caesar, it was better. The meatball sandwich was rude. Horrible sauce which was like someone made half and half marinara and BBQ. The meat was probably beef, but it was overcooked. The bread was nothing special (sourdough would have been a nice touch). A little after halftime I left when some tall guys who were not watching the game sat between me and the TV.

Checked the massage place, still not open. So I went to one which had been recommended to me, but it was all pressure points, and I knew I was in trouble when I saw the rails mounted on the ceiling for walking-on-his-back.

That lasted far too long, some crossed signals and no clock in the room = 90 minutes when I had expected 60. Still got to Starbucks an hour before Janice was due, which let me update some stuff on the laptop. Ran into some trouble setting up my cam viewer in MSIE, it refused to install the java app, even after I nuked the (I thought) appropriate security settings. The java app lets me see all the cams on one screen, other browsers only support one connection at a time.

I don't really know why I bothered, the cams are to keep an eye on Domino, and she'll be in the kennel starting Friday.

Had a nice chat with Janice, while we were talking she got a phone call from Fiji, a friend whose home I have also been to. Major surprise.

After, got some cash at 7-11, went to another favorite massage place for 30 minutes of remedial work. Much better.

Home, dinner was fish fillets with slices of goat cheese melted on top. Yummy. No tartar sauce needed. Popsicles for dessert, left over from the Procedure prep.

Watched some of the women's gymnastics Olympic trials, and saw the most amazing example of a championship heart. I'll try to find it online and embed it here:

Couldn't embed it yet, and sorry about the long ad. http://www.nbcolympics.com/kxas/video/gymnastics/nastia-liukin-again-falls-on-bars-at-trials.html

By popular demand (lironess asked) I need to explain the color of my eyes in those photos from yesterday. They are different colors for two reasons. First, the right eye was taken more up close so it did not get as much light. Second, I used Photoshop to dodge the irises, and did not do each photo the same way. BTW the blue is a reflection of the sky. Here's a side by side of two similar shots:

Plans for tomorrow:
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