Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So It Goes

Kind of quiet team meeting this morning. Boss is in Thailand, Boss' boss asked some good questions as usual. Unlike a month ago, we are now pretty well settled in between old and new projects.

Worked with automation guy to take one of my features to the next level. What happened instead is he showed me what he needed to do to run a command line command and then call my GUI automation widget, then go back and retrieve the info from the command. That part took maybe 5 minutes, but I needed to spend the rest of the day writing new GUI automation tests which fit that scheme. It would have taken half an hour less if I'd been paying attention to one particular detail.

Lunchtime, went to Starbucks and found some details online on how to get Win 7 and MSIE to display all my webcams in one browser window. Had to temporarily nuke some security features, and when you do that MSIE is relentless about chiding you about it. One cam refused to display, which is odd because on the same network my phone app had not problem with it. Just for grins, I looked on the web site and saw the firmware is way out of date, so I'm just finishing up fixing that on all 5 cams. Boring. It's a 2-part update, one to the system code and one to the web code. I was hoping the web code would fix a grammatical error, but it didn't.

Home, did not turn on the computer. Tried to read more of Ken Liu's The Man Who Ended History, but like his short story The Paper Menagerie, he's on a personal Chinese identity crisis mission, and unlike the short, he has inflicted a stilted, shattered format on his readers. The entry is really a TV treatment written by someone who has never taken a scriptwriting class.  Or maybe he has, and tried to apply it to a written form. Long story short, I bailed out of it about 2/3 of the way through, and am starting in on "Mira Grant"'s Countdown Catherynne M Valente's Silently And Very Fast.  Skipping Seanan's for now, hoping hers is the best but so far The Man Who Bridged The Mist is looking pretty good to get my vote.

Okay, all the webcams are done.

Walked to BASFA, it was very lightly attended. Nice to be at a meeting without the avid stirring of spoon in iced tea glass. Not nice to have many auction items and not a lot of people to bid on them. I only got one pun in, and it was so-so. The salmon shrimp scampi was good, the waiter bringing broccoli after I'd told him twice not to was bad. He brought the checks quickly, but should have asked about desserts first.

Home,  had some Popsicles for dessert. Domino has been curled up in various corners within sight, instead of parking herself in the livingroom yowling at me. She finished about 3x the usual amount of whipped cream. I need to use it all up before my trip.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work - follow up on automation
Starbucks after work. Or Cheetah's.
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