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George M Cohan's Birthday

And Franz Kafka's too.

I was up and out early, work started as what should have been a simple integration between a GUI script suite I'd written and a tcl script the automation guy wrote, but it ended up taking all day. The most frustrating part is one of the Linux commands which was crucial to the test does not work the same way in the background as it does when it is run manually. I finally guessed a work-around. So now we have two high-priority tests automated, which apparently adds brownie points both to me and to automation guy.

Now he wants me to do more automation, but I don't know what to automate. Looking for likely victims could be the rest of the week's project.

We went to Sushi Blvd together for lunch. Big, generous, delicious bento boxes with your choice of two main dishes, plus miso soup, soy beans, tempura, salad with wasabi dressing, rice and gyoza. Cute waitresses too.

After work was a shopping run. Vitamins C and D, beta carotene, Immodium and small paper plates at Rite Aid. Cookie sheets and insect repellent towelettes at SavMart. Wallet and windows at Penny's. Home, a wallet I'd ordered online but was none too sure about arrived. Turns out fully loaded the Penny's wallet won't close without bending things, but the online wallet was okay. Neither was designed for the amount of $1's I have at the moment (20+) and it will only get moreso when I add the Thai bills.

Canceled the order on Amazon for an SD card wallet, because it changed from being scheduled for July 3 delivery to end of the month. Apparently it was from a shell company sourcing their stuff from Hong Kong.  I'll see if Fry's has something.

Speaking ill of the dead department:
Andy Griffith, a cornerstone of my childhood, passed away today, and many people have posted clips of his works. I was never impressed by his acting, he always played a Southern yokel, which is what he was IRL as well. He did make sure his TV show was G-rated, and there was no foul language. Some folks have pointed me to his first movie, Elia Kazan's A Face in the Crowd, as a masterpiece of acting. The studios at the time were plugging him as the next Brando. Not hardly. He played himself as a country singer who gets too famous, says crazy things and gets a huge ego. He shouts a lot. But even surrounded by a stellar cast (Tony Franciosa, Patricia Neal, Lee Remick, Walter Matthau) he didn't seem to pick up any real acting skills. It's a similar character to Ernest Borgnine's Oscar-winning Marty, but there's no comparison. Though he was married to his first wife for 23 years, and his third wife for 29, the one in the middle was shades of his character in "A Face" - a stunning younger actress marrying him for money and fame. That only lasted 8 years.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about him is he started Ron Howard's career off right, and gave a much-deserved boost to that of Jim Nabors. 

Plans for tomorrow:
10:30 am downbeat for the Los Altos 4th celebration with Ye Olde Towne Band providing the patriotic music. We should be done by noon.
Then I think I'll go see Brave.
Not sure what I'll do for fireworks. If anything.
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