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Chrome Foo

The home PC came up this evening with Firefox and MSIE both showing blank (black on black or white on white). It had something to do with removing a registry entry for the Arial font, but more to do with uninstalling Google Chrome, which had mangled my fonts to the point where everything was bold italics. All by itself.

I had to do a system restore to recover, which did not do too much damage. It restored Chrome just enough to error out with an "unable to find database" message. Good. Removed the icon. Changed all my default Arial fonts to Arial Unicode MS which is a bit too bold but better than all italics.

Work started off fine, I found a new feature to automate, automation guy said go for it. As soon as I went for it, I found out that a couple of things I needed to do the GUI recorder program could not capture. And the "try...catch" routine took me two hours to get right. And I'm not sure if it was working when I left after 7 tonight.

Lunchtime I went to Patelco CU to get my ATM card PIN changed to what I wanted. And I withdrew enough from TechCU to cover getting checks printed for Patelco. I won't use those checks, I need them to make a template to print my own. I'm still not sure I will switch, Patelco is definitely a step down from Tech. I may look into Keypoint too. Later.

Survived lunch at Hometown Buffet, where I am suddenly a Senior. Last time I checked one had to be 65, now it is 60. Many places have lowered their senior age, Sizzler has, Denny's and Coco's are 55.

 Radio Shack and Office Something did not have SD card holders, but Office had a nice travel bag which will hold most of my non-insulin meds.

Home after work, getting things staged for tomorrow. First thing is to bring Domino to the kennel. Her carrier is in the middle of the livingroom surrounded by food, treats and a brush which she thinks is her best toy. Then to work, there is usually a gang outing at lunch on Fridays. Home, finish packing and have my butt on the curb in front of the apartment office by 9 pm.

The cheaper wallet turned out to not hack it, the one from Penny's worked better once I took out the cards I won't be needing on my trip, and added Thai money behind the divider. And pulled out $40 in $1 bills.

Earlier, I had found all my Thai coins, which all are still good, and put the 1- and 5-baht coins in one change purse, and the smaller denominations in another. I think the smaller ones add up to about 10 baht. Those are all on the bed with passport & health card. Skytrain card is in my wallet. I am not sure if it is good or has any value left on it from 2008.

Email from the reunion organizer with her Thailand cell phone number, and a reprieve. The Friends of Thailand dinners will be informal dress. The shindig at the US Ambassador's and the Thai foreign ministry are suit & tie. I'm only planning to attend the latter's morning session.

Plans for tomorrow:
Domino --> Kennel
Me --> work
Attend to last-minute things (turn off the air conditioner...)
Pack last-minute stuff
Wait for the airport shuttle
Fly to Bangkok. Technically that's the day after tomorrow.


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