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I am just OCD enough to have everything staged and ready in advance, and just not-OCD enough to still forget things. First order of business this morning was to bring Domino to the kennel. She walked right into the carrier, then turned around and swatted at the gate as I tried to close it. The last trip to the vet they had taken it apart and put it not quite together, so I had some fun aligning the gate posts with the holes in the bottom of the carrier. Finally got it, grabbed the Fry's shopping bag with her food, treats and favorite toy (a hair brush) and drove away. She hardly made a peep all the way, which is not at all like her.

All the cages were full, the folks who were picking their cats up today would not be there till later, so Deb said she would keep Domino in the house for now. The kennels are their back yard. Lucky kitty.

From there to work, pounded some more on an automation suite, and was happy to be interrupted by my team mate who is in charge of the audio description for the visually impaired feature. I'd offered to do some more research, which I did, and discovered that the requirement went into effect last Sunday. I am amazed the TV manufacturers are not touting this - it apparently is in all the US TV sets built after 2009. The web site for the group which lobbied for this requirement pointed to several TV providers which are already sending the signal. A little checking showed they have it on all the adult content PBS shows. In theory. I tuned into two different programs which showed the signal in place, but in two hours of listening I heard zero audio descriptions. It's like closed captioning, the signal may be there, but it may not contain any data. Boo, hiss.

At least now we know what we are looking for.

Lunch at China China. I had left the Kindle home thinking I would go out with the gang, but they didn't invite me. I wasn't feeling hungry, and was out of there in 20 minutes. Got into the car, turned on the aircon,  and dialed the TechCU number on the back of my ATM card. I had not told them about my trip yet. 7 minutes on hold I thought to myself "I can drive there faster" so I did. It took 13 minutes, actually. And then there was a 3-minute wait for a person to be available. And 7 more minutes of punching things into the computer. She couldn't share that info with the credit card they issue, so when I got back to work I phoned them, waited on hold a long time but they are in Omaha, so it's a longer drive.

I called Amex, they said they don't do that anymore, they just monitor where you are. Which makes no sense at all.

Home after work, pondered the over-full carry-on bag and decided to go with Plan C. Into the depths of the closet, got the last suitcase I'd flown with. It was heavy. I opened it up and it was empty. Not good to start with that much weight. So I put that back after snagging the ID tag, and hauled my smallest suitcase out. I think this one went to England with me. Fiddled with the strap I'd bought at Office Something, put the ID tag on it, and brought it into the bedroom.

Snap decision: all the clothing which was not being used to cushion the camera gear was going in there. And all the non-prescription meds (I have a 1-week holder in the carry-on). All the diabetes supplies except for a week's worth went in there too. And it was all covered with a bathrobe which I had not been planning to take, but since I have something to put it in, what the heck.

Took the last minute stuff and packed it into the carry on, including all my insulin.

It was nice to do all that without a cat yelling at me and underfoot.

Made final adjustments to what's in my wallet.

Two more hours before pick-up time. I'll change into something more businesslike than jeans shorts. Already have the non-metallic belt buckle on my belt, but if they body scan they make me take that off anyway, WTF. I haven't flown international out of SFO in a while, and I'm sure things have changed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Early morning layover and plane change in Taipei
Land in Bangkok at about noon
Get to the hotel somehow.
Either sleep or go shopping, depending on whether I get much sleep on the plane. 
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