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Maiming Time

How about that. Cleverly hidden upstairs behind the escalators (which go down to a featureless holding pen which seats 200) are a couple of publicly accessible desks with power, reasonably comfortable chair and blazing fast free wi-fi. Well, almost free, there are several connections sponsored by hotels and companies and you have to watch their ad to get to the free part. But here I am.

The shuttle was 5 minutes early, but I was waiting for it 20 minutes before it was due. Then we blew that lead to pick up a student at a Stanford dorm. The trip was fine until we got to the airport, which was cleverly designed so that people have to fight across several lanes of traffic to get to the arrivals lanes, which tied us up needlessly because we were going to departures. Once past the traffic jam (10 minutes) there was almost no traffic. Only 4 passengers in the van, a young couple got off at SW, the very cute student and i were dropped off at the international terminal - she was going to Singapore.

Got checked in pretty quickly. despite my unpacking most of the heavy stuff into the checked bag, my carry-on was still 3 kilos over. But she gave me a pass on that.

Thought about having dinner at one of the food court places, but figured there would be places open past security. TSA was a joke. They sent me to the family line instead of the singles line, behind a family of 5 Hispanics with brand new USA passports, who were severely English-challenged. And apparently there was something not quite right with dad's passport, but a conference with the other desk person cleared that up. Meanwhile about a dozen people passed through the other line. I switched lines for the baggage check. Only two people ahead of me, breezed right through. I forgot to take off my watch, they didn't say a thing. Love that attention to detail. They really need to lose the "take off your shoes" thing. It's demeaning and it hurts those of us with flat feet or Planter's.

Past TSA there was very little in the way of food. One deli and one Japanese place. Both were in "we're closing soon" mode. Got a sandwich at the deli. It included pasta salad and fruit pieces. I also bought a bag of dark chocolate chip cookies and a diet Coke. As I sat down to eat, a stream of screaming children made their way to the Japanese place. One mom was carrying her daughter by an arm and a leg. Save it for the flight, kid.

Boarding in 50 minutes. I'm starting to fade, it's been a long day.  With luck I'll get some sleep on the plane.
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