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The morning started with the usual breakfast buffet. They don't always have all the same items, which is generally a good thing except for cauliflower.  I had two missions:
1. Go to Central World and buy a replacement UV filter for the zoom lens
2. Replace the almost broken watchband
I was curious, because not long ago the Red Shirt rebels burned down Central, but Google Thailand maps was saying there was a photo department there. On arrival, it was clear that one building was badly burned, it is all wrapped in something which looks a lot like duct tape. But the tower across the street is still alive and well.

I needed the restroom first, and it was an adventure finding it. The way they have the signs set up, you can only see the signs if you are coming from the restrooms. Welcome to Thailand. Once there, though, they are beautiful, modern and clean.

Same problem finding the photo department, exacerbated by the remodeling which has all the down escalators out of service, which meant very crowded elevators. Found the watch department first - actually six watch departments, each brand was separate. Nobody knew who sold watch bands. Finally one guy gave me the card of his watch wholesaler, which was a bit of a walk. And bad advice.

Photo department did not have anyone working, and it took 5 minutes to hunt someone up. But she was a total win. She found the filter I needed, and when I told her I wanted to wear it home, she cleaned my lens very thoroughly, carefully screwed on the filter, and gave me the filter case. Excellent.

Back to Skytrain, and along the walkway was a watch repair place with a gazillion watchbands for sale. They set me up with a nice one, which was a challenge because I have huge wrists even for  white guy. Excellent service, and one wonders why none of the 8 or 9 watch department people in the store mentioned this place.

Back to the Nana neighborhood, found a starbucks and had a frap and a piece of chocolate cake which was delicious and fresh, unlike the crap they serve in th US.

Back to the hotel, processed a bunch of photos, including fixing the time stamps because I had forgotten to change time zones on the camera in Taiwan & Bangkok.

Downstairs, tried on the suit. The pants needed to be shortened about 2 inches, and the suit is a little tight across the back, but not enough to complain about. The shirt fit perfectly. I'll pick up the finished product tomorrow morning. They just need to cut & hem the pants. At first she said they were too long for the shoes I'm wearing, but I'm wearing tennis shoe which are the same height as dress shoes.

I really like the look of the raw Thai silk. went across the street & down the block where I had seen some cute ties with an elephant motif which were in a color combo perfect for the suit. Bought two.

Back to the room to cool off and load some photos on to Flickr, update FB and write this. Half an hour and I need to grab a taxi to the reunion. Buffet dinner with 150 other Peace Corps types.
Tags: food, photography, shopping, thailand travel

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