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Random stuff entry. On the Skytrain, there are stops with the word Chit in them, in order, mostly:
Mo Chit

No chit, mon?

My hotel includes a free breakfast buffet. It closes at 10:30. My usual routine has been to be up and showered by 9:30 or 10, flip the "do not disturb" sign over to "please make up room", got down to breakfast, and when I come back up the room has been made up. Minimally. No vacuuming, nothing straightened up, all they do is make the bed and clean the bathroom.

Breakfast is a mix of Thai and western food. There is always:
A pan of Sunny side-up eggs
Scrambled eggs
mini-hot dogs
ham slices in hot water
a steamer full of dinner rolls
Thai butter (cut into triangles and on ice)
Land O Lakes butter in gold foil
a warmer full of mini-croissants
bread - white, pumpernickel, rye, and a toaster
marmalade and jam
some kind of fried rice dish
some kind of bread-like breakfast food - mini pancakes, mini-French toast triangles, mini waffles
some kind of unidentifiable Thai dish (sometimes it looks a lot like pat tai)
Assorted fruit - now in season are papaya, watermelon and pineapple, with lime slices for the papaya
Some kind of sweet roll or donut
Orange-colored juice, pineapple juice and grapefruit juice.

Most of the time the Skytrain is crammed full, almost as bad as a Japanese commuter train. Thais won't go for being packed in by someone else, but they have a way of trying to fit themselves where there is not enough room. So it balances out.

When the system was originally built, they marked on the platform where to stand -- each door's center was for exiting (two arrows pointing away from the train) off to each side are two arrows pointing at the train at a 45 degree angle. You can see where they made the system expandable, at least two more cars could be added to each train, but that would require painting more arrows. So instead of having a comfortable commute, they have fixed the number of cars and the number of runs, and are now well beyond capacity.

I've seen three very large mangy rats so far, two of them on the main street. One tried to climb up a glass store front.  Scared the crap out of a passer-by. One was headed out of the dumpster of  restaurant, and one came up out of the sewer near a row of bars.

When I was here in 1975, one of the biggest challenges was coping with traffic which drives on the left. Not a problem anymore because you have to look both ways no matter what side of the street you are in, and also watch for motorcycles riding on the sidewalk. There is zero traffic law enforcement.

They have a special Tourist Police force. So far what I have seen are friendly and almost helpful.
The last three days it has gotten into the mid-90s, even Thais were sweating.
I've been to several luxury shopping centers, which were originally designed to serve the foreign population. They have been totally adopted by the locals. One very swanky place I went to across from where I used to live in '75, was a sea of school uniforms in about a dozen of the coffee shops and "farang" restaurants.
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