Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tuesday rest day

Slept in, skipped breakfast to go to the post office and mail the shirts to Baltimore, and also mail my suit back home, bit by slow boat. 50 Baht for them to provide the box, do the packing, including tape and ribbon wrap (they have a machine). Another 1,000 or so for postage.

Took my time to get to the river taxi, and got off three stops too soon, took a taxi to the convention hotel. The plan was supposed to be to get an early dinner with some folks there and then work with the organizer on the slide show for tomorrow night's dinner, but she gets distracted, and we end up watching the monsoon from her balcony till about 7. Walked to the nearest Thai place, which was soon filled with friends who just showed up - because it's the only pace in walking distance. More monsoon slowed down service a lot, we finally got back to the hotel and got some work done by 9:30. I got a cab right away, 100 baht including tip.

Plans for tomorrow:

Dress nice and be at a hotel not too far away by 8:45 for a special tour of the Grand Palace. It's a charity thing, sponsored by the Queen, apparently.

6 pm-ish final dinner at the Royal River hotel.

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