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Random Bits

So I opened the package from Amazon, unwrapped the Judy Garland 2-CD set, and looked for But Not For Me in the track list. Not there. Popped the discs into the player and looked that way, still not there. I bought the wrong CD. But one can't have too many Judy Garland albums, so it's far from tragic. And the correct collection CD is en route now.

Also in the shipment was Blossom Dearie, singing Someone To Watch Over Me. If you don't know Blossom's work, she has a voice which sometimes sounds like an 8-year-old, and sometimes sounds like an 8-year-old with a 3-pack-a-day habit. Usually she sings songs straight, but this time she chose to do it frustratingly slowly. Very nice performance, but not what I want to sing along with in the car. I'll do some more hunting for this, but it's a challenge since everyone from Frank Sinatra to Beverly Sills has sung this piece. I suppose I should start with cast albums from Oh Kay!

Wet to Walmart looking for replacements for the laundry bags which my hamper uses. They didn't have any. Mesh laundry bags which might make do cost $5 each, but the hamper with the three bags included was only $12. I decided to go online to see if I had any better luck, but didn't.

I'm on call this weekend and next week. I'm debating whether or not to go to the Peace Corps alumni annual meeting in SF anyway tomorrow night. The more I think about it, the more the answer is yes. The pager protocol is this:
I have 15 minutes to answer the page
I have 2 hours to actually start work on the problem (which means being online with my laptop or desktop (I can do this from home or work or Starbucks, doesn't matter).

Other plans for tomorrow are to take my sapphire collection outside into the sunshine and photograph them again. I may have to set up on the front lawn, since the patio doesn't get much direct sunlight, and then only in the afternoon.

It's supposed to rain Sunday. I can catch up on Netflix and the Olympics.

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