Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thai-napped Myself Again

Up late, took a nap after brunch, on a whim decided to try to get to Pangnga Bay to take pictures of the pretty limestone formations. Took the big truck downtown, was told the bus to Pangnga is now at the new bus station, 30 minutes way. Took a cab there. Van to Pangnga is actually the van to Krabi, which is twice as far away. Somehow I don't remember these drives being so long last time.

Left Phuket at 2 pm, Pangnga at 3:30. Walked around town for an hour, it was clear there was no way to get the photos I wanted without staying overnight, so I stopped for soda and ice at a coffee shop, then back to the bus station and got a big bus back to Phuket. It was coming from Haad Yai, 5 hours away, and broke down about half an hour from the terminal. The already had a bus from somewhere else to transfer us to. The first bus had the filthy windows, so no photos, but the new bus was clean, and I managed to get a shot of a young rubber plantation with intercropping, right out of my slide show from 1977.

Crops planted between the rows of growing rubber trees = intercropping. Pineapple in this case, I think.

I was dizzy & disoriented after getting off the bus, and instead of getting a cheap ride downtown and the cheap truck to the hotel, I took an expensive cab all the way. That was at 6, at the hotel before 7.

Stopped in at the tour place near the hotel and paid for the Pangnga Bay tour for tomorrow. Bus leaves the hotel at 7 am-ish. It probably doesn't get us onto the boat until 11. Lots of stops, I expect. Maybe I'll sleep.

Ditched  my camera, grabbed the Kindle, walked to the market and bought some longans (lahm-yai) and a hopefully bigger swim suit than the one I bought in BKK. Then dinner at a Danish place called The Butterfly Bistro. Best duck I have had in years - Penang duck. Yum.

Back at the hotel, processing photos. To bed Real Soon Now.


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