Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

If it's Monday, this must be the doctor's office

The little bag the antibiotic cream came in says the clinic is open at 8 am M-Sat, at about 8:45 went out to the road to catch a taxi there. Six or seven empty ones, but no drivers. "Five minutes" the lady who runs the little bar said. I waited 5 minutes then walked back to the hotel and had breakfast. Drivers were there when I got back, took one to the clinic, put my name on the waiting list.

When I was there last, in the afternoon, only four or five people were waiting, and some of those were together. This time maybe 20 ahead of me. I had my Kindle, and made a lot of progress in Scalzi's Redshirts. I like the way they do business at this clinic - you sit in plastic patio chairs out front, and when you are up next they sit you in a blue plastic patio chair opposite the office door. And then "the doctor will see you now".

I'd been stumped about what was wrong with my hand. It started out looking like spider bites, then morphed into prickly heat. A pharmacist had given me a different one two nights before, Fusidin, up in Patong district.  I'd gone to the clinic late last week and the doctor said it probably wasn't shingles and gave me an antibiotic cream Muporin. He said to return if I saw a light red "trail" on the inside of my arm, which would indicate an infection.

Yesterday the hand was bothering me during the cruise, whatever it was seemed to be spreading to the back of my hand, and the finger next to the one which had the ugly lump had started tingling. Last night I woke up a few times with the arm feeling uncomfortable, and by 6 am there was a very light red trail, so light I was not sure it was there.

It was about a 45 minute wait, but the doctor recognized me and confirmed that the line was there, and he thanked me for coming back in, because I needed a stronger antibiotic. Clinott (clindamycin), a navy blue pill, to be taken 3 times a day, and continue using the cream. He said what I had was a Lymphadenitis, a staph infection of the lymph channel. Total cost for the appointment & prescription: 450 Baht ($15). Round trip taxi ride: 400 Baht. 7-11 stop for Coke Light, seltzer and Hershey's nuggets 190 Baht.

Back to the hotel, started writing up yesterday's events, was interrupted at 12:30 or so by housekeeping to make up the room (which should have been done while I was at the clinic). Went downstairs and read some more, and chatted with the day manager, who was eager to practice her very good English, and ask what improvements could be made in this brand new hotel. So I told her my list.  She's fairly new here, but hopeful.

Back to the room, finished yesterday's journal and now this one.

Get a ride up to the big buddha for afternoon/sunset shots. Maybe.
No idea how I'll spend my final day tomorrow.


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