Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Beach Day

After the clinic, I changed into swim trunks and walked to the beach & rented a lounge chair under an umbrella, and read for a while, then watched people, and finally went for an almost swim. The wind was a steady 30 mph coming off the ocean, and while the waves were not high they were powerful and the undertow was probably fierce. I went in only up to my waist, and still got knocked down a couple of times.

Mostly I thought the sea water would be good for my hand.

Back to the hotel, changed, grabbed the camera and went back out at about 5:30 to take sunset pictures. It was a long wait. The sun did not set until almost 7 pm,

but in the meantime there were a lot of petite butts in thongs and tiny bikinis to record for posterior. There were also enough cetacean butts to go round, but I mostly left the recording of those to others. I have been surprised at the number of petite Caucasian adult women there are here.

After sunset, since I had the camera and was hungry and the best restaurants are in Patong, I took a song-taew there and found a place called Mr. Good's a block from the road with all the bars. The food was superb. I had fried crab rolls and lobster stir-fried with ginger and scallions. Yummy, and the lobster was brought to my table with its weight and price before they cooked it outside in the kitchen, which is in front of the place, outside the air conditioned eating area. Very clever design.

From there I went down the bar road, and took a lot of blurry photos, flirted with a few women, peeked into two topless go-go joints but the dancers were not particularly attractive.

Back to the hotel, there was email from the woman I met on the boat. It was late, but maybe she will see it in time and have time to meet me tomorrow today for lunch or dinner.

Oh, about those plans to see the Big Buddha - from the beach I zoomed in on it, and they have it surrounded by scaffolding. Not worth making the trip, except maybe to see the view, which might be spectacular, but in Thailand you never know when there will be trees or a temple in the way.

Once again we dodged the rain. Lots of clouds and wind, though. Very very hot away from the beach.

The only plan I have for later today is pick up the laundry after 11 am, make an airport taxi reservation and pack. In between maybe I'll meet my new friend and maybe we will go somewhere.

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