Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing to see here, move along

Last full day in Thailand, and I started out just the way I wanted to, on the beach in a lounge chair reading from my Kindle and taking occasional photos of sand sea sky and thongs. But the sun was so strong I started getting burned through the umbrella, and the 40mph wind off the ocean meant wiping down my reading glasses a lot, and the camera lens too.

Did some shopping - it took three markets to find one with band-aid-like objects wide enough to hide my unsightly staph infection. About the size of a quarter. Went looking for a "Teamwork" T-shirt in my size, did not find one but did find three others. I will use them to wrap my camera & lenses.

My phone went offline this morning, and I missed a call. Did not hear from the woman I met on the boat. Sigh.

Bought a taxi ticket for 9 am tomorrow. Also paid for another day at the hotel - I'd forgotten that I never changed the hotel reservation when I changed the flight. They gave me a discount. And the gorgeous receptionist tells me she is a ladyboy. There are definitely two on the housekeeping staff, but I'm having a tough time believing her/him. I thought she told me a few days ago she was married to one of the night receptionists and that boy she was plying with was hers.

One never knows, do one?

No plans for tonight except to pack, and set my alarm.

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