Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

While I'm Just sitting here

In the news. Sally Ride died today, she was half a year younger than me. So happy she succeeded so well against the Old Boy School, and just plain rocked all around. So sad she did not get the full life she so richly deserved.

So many squawks about gun control and who is to blame for the maniac in Colorado. Briefly: one would think that even a rent-a-cop would notice someone as heavily armed as that in a movie theater in the summer. Especially after Columbine et al. Laws don't keep obsessed people from the things they wan. The war on drugs is one example, prohibition is another. People sometimes go crazy. May as well try to stop a tsunami. 
IMHO Obama is an abject failure. Romney is a wildly successful force for evil. I have no one to vote for. Maybe it is time to leave the country again. I was hoping to retire here, in Thailand, but the humidity is really kicking my ass and it isn't even summer. And I still can't afford to as long as I have a good job back home.
Lots of Russians here. They all seem to smoke. TGhey have no problem lighting up in a restaurant while people are eating. :-(


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