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Long long long long flying day. Left the hotel at 9 am, Phuket airport by 10, arrived in Bangkok at about 2:30, walked about a mile to the complete opposite side of the airport and up two floors to check in for Taipei. Left BKK at about 4:30, Arrived in Taiwan at about 9 pm (1 hour time zone diff),  through their dinky transfer "security"  by 9:30, and then had 1.5 hours to kill before boarding for SFO. I had no Chinese money, the newly opened Starbucks' credit card machine was down. My US$ were in my carry-on, so that was no help, but I asked at the EVA lounge if there was a currency exchange, an there was one pretty close by. Cashed in 2,00 baht, for Taiwan money, got a frapuccino and a mug and got online with the laptop till it was time to go to the gate.

Plane was half an hour late boarding. Full flight, lots of children but they behaved themselves. Good thing about red-eyes, I guess. More on that later, maybe. Arrived 30 minutes late at about 8:40, was through passport control & customs by 9. The Super Shuttle guy could not find my reservation, even with my confirmation number, so I ended up paying again (emailed them for a refund), and after a tour of Palo Alto and Mountain View got to the apartment at about 10:30. Yes, all the same day.

Just for grins checked the mailbox and discovered that my vacation hold order had been ignored. Nastygram to USPS tomorrow. Stuck in my door was The Letter from the apartment (July 24) saying my lease is up October 6 and they want to know ASAP if I'll renew. I don't need to tell them until Sept. 6, and the answer will be "no".

I've showered, unpacked, taken care of What Must Be Done.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up Domino and bring her home
YOTB, maybe
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