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Sleep was a bit fitful, woke up 20 minutes before the alarm didn't go off. I had turned it back on before I went to sleep, but I guess it didn't take. Set it again this morning using the phone app. Looks good now.

The car almost did not start, battery obviously was drained. The only pull on the battery is the in-dash GPS/audio unit, and that's minimal.

Got to the kennel at 9, paid the lady, car almost didn't start again.  brought Domino home (she cried all the way). She looks good - put on some weight and I guess she groomed herself a lot because she looks fluffier.

Left her by the water fountain and went to work. Again with the car start issue.

Lots of folks dropped by to ask about the trip, and there was a bug fixed while I was away so I had that to work on. And some automation too, which took me a long time to finish because the feature had a bug which took a lot of replication. My automation script works, it fails where the bug is.

Called AAA, they have a member deal where they will come out to the car with a new battery and install it. From my phone call to having the new battery was about 35 minutes. It cost about $100, which is a pretty good deal. The battery was due - 2008 car, original 3-year battery.

Home a little early. Programmed my AM stations along the way, FM will have to wait. I mostly listen to the iPod anyway. The 2012 map came up. Could be the unit just didn't have enough juice before.

Domino grabbed some serious lap time, and we sat next to each other on the patio for a while. At the kennel she had a window by the hummingbird feeder, but here she likes to watch the people and their dogs go by. Blew off band practice to spent QT with the cat.

Printed out the music for Anything Goes which I'll need for Sunday night's rehearsal.  At work I plugged into the Google calendar the rehearsals for which I'm called. There are a LOT of them. More, I think, than are probably needed. Pretty much I'm only needed when it says "All".

Copied all the trip photos from the CF cards to folders on the big PC by date. Converting them to JPG now.

Dinner was the last of the frozen home made tamarind prawns. Domino loved it too. And mint chocolate chip ice cream, which they don't have  a lot of in Thailand.

Plans for tomorrow:
Look through Thailand photos for Worldcon material. Will also re-use some stuff, but everything needs to be watermarked in Photoshop and re-printed 12x18. Then Aaron's will mount it and hopefully help me ship it.
Tags: cat, photography, thailand, work

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